1750-1900 Empires in Collision

By: Jasmine Mohr-Fentress

1793: Chinese reject British request for open trade

China believed it was self-sufficient and didn't want outside goods while the British wanted to grow wealthy through trade and spread Christianity.

1838-1876: Tanzimat reforms in the Ottoman Empire

Intended to effectuate a fundamental change of the empire from the old system.
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1868: Meiji restoration in Japan

Wanted to remove the Tokugawa Shogunate

1904-1905: Russo-Japanese war

First all out war of the modern era in which a non European power defeated one of Europes great powers
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What's the significance?

Unequal treaties: we're initiated by the armed conflict between Britain and China known as the opium war

Self-straightening movement: institutional reforms were included in the hundred days reform

Commissioner Lin: known for his role in events leading up to the opium wars

"The sick man of Europe": the name was given during an economic difficulty

Young Ottomans: a secret group of ottomans who disagreed with the tanzimat reforms

Sultan Abd al-Hamid ll: last sultan to exert effective autocratic control over the fracturing state

Informal empires: an empire may develop that translate into a degree of influence over a formal colony in the empire

Tokugawa Japan: final period of traditional japan