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6.8 - 6.12

Taylor Follows Her Heart: Spontaneously Joining a Group of Thai Chi Practitioners in Fort Greene Park

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Interactions With Our Fort Greene Community

A Study of Gardens Continued...

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We've noticed that the plants in our room require a certain amount of attention. Our plants have a variety of needs. No plant is exactly the same as another. They are unique, as are we.

We are gradually beginning to realize that we must be sensitive to and aware of our plant's needs. If we have any intention of keeping them healthy, we have to get to know them through careful observation. We've noticed that some plants need more light than others. We've also concluded that while some of our plants must be watered daily, others seem to thrive in dry, almost dusty soil. We wonder why?

Noticing that the plants in our room thrive in a variety of situations, we decided to conduct a bit of research this week in the community garden. We were intent on finding similarities and differences between what we've noticed in the classroom and what is currently present in nature. In short, we want to better understand and support our living things. We looked closely for plants that thrive in the presence of sunlight, shade, moist soil, and dry earth. Our initial findings were exciting and somewhat unexpected.

How do you feel this research will influence our understanding and treatment of living things?

Please feel free to email us your answers.

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A Wooden Phone is Assembled at the Wood Working Bench!