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St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - April 24, 2015

Inspirational Quote

“We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.”

John Dewey (1859 – 1952) - American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform.

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From Desk of the Principal
  • We Need Bingo Workers this Friday - 4/24

  • Pennies for Patients Final Report 2015

  • Mary's Corner and First Communion - 4/25

  • Dress Down Week for Fish Fry Workers 4/27 - 4/30

  • Upcoming Parenting Classes - 5/20 & 5/26

  • Safe Environment Training - 4/28
  • Montrez Harrell to Visit St Paul - 4/28

From the PTO
  • FREE Self-Esteem Workshop For Female Middle Schoolers and Parents - 4/29
  • Teacher Appreciation Week - 5/4 - 5/8

From the Classrooms

  • 2nd Grade
  • SPD/Library/Technology News
  • ---SPD News
  • ---Library News
  • ---April is Poetry Month
  • ---St. Paul SPD/Library News Website Link
  • ---Library/Computer Lab Renovation - Summer 2015
  • ------"Libraries in the Internet Age" Video
  • ---Common Sense Media Parent Concerns Website Link

From Your DiCaff Team

  • Vacation Bible School Volunteer Meeting - 4/28
  • Vacation Bible School - 6/7 - 6/10
Community Happenings
  • Channels of Grace Presentation - 4/20, & 27
  • Summer Camps

  • ---Assumption High School Summer Camps
  • ---Mercy High School Summer Camp Programs
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We Need bingo workers this friday - 4/24

We are real need of bingo help this Friday. Anyone who can offer help please contact Stephanie Gayheart at 502-379-0323. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Pennies for Patients Final Report 2015

Thanks to all!
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Mary's Corner and First Communion - 4/25

Parents and Grandparents,

  • Will your family be celebrating a First Communion this spring? If so, please visit Mary’s Corner (in the ushers' room near the main entrance of the church). We have First Communion missals, rosaries, pins, etc. that would make wonderful gifts for that special child in your life.

Dress Down Week for Fish Fry Workers 4/27 - 4/30

Next week, April 27-30 will be a dress down week for those families who worked the fish fry(s) and brought in cake(s). The total number of dress down days that can be received are 4 (2 for working and 2 if you brought in a cake each time you worked).
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Safe Environment Training - 4/28

If you have not completed yet you have a great opportunity to complete Safe Environment Training being held here at St. Paul at 6:30 PM on April 28th.

Montrez Harrell to Visit St Paul - 4/28

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upcoming Parenting Classes - 5/20 & 5/26

Hello all!

The next Parenting Class we are offering is May 20th and will focus on Boys to Men. It will be held from 7:00pm- 8:30pm at the Marshall Women’s Center. We have an excellent panel lined up and will encourage questions and conversation. Please forward to anyone you feel may benefit. We would love to have a large crowd! All parents struggle at times and it’s important for them to see that they aren’t alone. All classes are free!

(Girl Talk was cancelled due to snow and has been rescheduled for May 26.)

Please and thank you!

Amy Medley, BS

Coordinator, Office of Child Advocacy

Kosair Children’s Hospital

(502) 629-7346

From the PTO

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FREE Self-Esteem Workshop for Female Middle Schoolers and Parents

Wednesday, April 29th, 6pm

6901 Dixie Highway


What to Expect:

Drs. Hayden and Mattingly will be hosting two groups running simultaneously: one for parents and one for your teen.

Purpose for Parents:
  • Parents will learn about typical physical and social/emotional development during this age span.
  • Parents will learn ways to increase healthy communication with their teen daughter.(How to talk so your teen will listen and how to listen so your teen will talk.)
  • Parents will learn techniques to increase self-esteem within their child.
  • Parents will explore the impact of social media on parental and peer relationships.
Purpose for Teens:
  • Addressing common struggles facing teens today.
  • Discussing role of social media on self-esteem and relationships.
  • Ways to embrace and accept who you are.
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Teacher Appreciation Week - 5/4-5/8

Please join us in celebrating our Teachers and Staff during Teacher Appreciation Week May 4th – 8th

We have the best Teachers and Staff at St. Paul and during Teacher Appreciation Week we want them to feel like Superstars by showing them how much we love them. There are many ways that you and your children can help!

Here is how you can help:

  • Have your child make a poster about school and his or her favorite teachers so that we can decorate the halls with them. (Please turn posters in to office by Thursday, April 30th.)
  • Have children make thank you cards for their favorite teachers and staff. (Cards don’t have to be just for primary teachers.)
  • Please remember our art, computer, SPD, music and all teachers and staff) Monday,

May 4th – Breakfast Day We are in need of the following: 1 gallon of milk, orange juice, coffee, yogurt, fruit, bagels, muffins, cups, napkins, plates, forks, bottled water and 2 liters for the week.

May 5th – Sweet Treats Day Send in your favorite homemade dessert. I know we have a lot of great bakers in our school family. Let’s shower everyone with sweets! Wednesday,

May 6th – Teacher luncheon Lunch will be provided by the PTO. We will also have gift cards and prizes to raffle to the teachers. If you could provide a small gift card or know of a business that could provide a service that would be great. Thursday,

May 7th – Snack packs We will be putting together snack packs for the teachers to take to their classrooms. Supplies needed are: bottles of water, chips, candy bars, granola bars, fruit, drink mixes, gum, etc. (these items should be sent in prior to Thursday, May 8th) Friday,

May 8th – Texas Roadhouse Lunch We will have lunch provided by Texas Roadhouse. During the week, Mrs. Jones will provide shellac manicures to the teachers. __________________________________________________________

  • There are many ways that you can show appreciation to the teachers and staff. They make a powerful and positive impact on our children every day and deserve to be recognized for their care and dedication.
  • We cannot make this week a success without your help. If you have any suggestions or could help provide any of the items above it would be greatly appreciated.
  • We have 27 teachers and staff members. Please send me an email at or call me at (502)417-4829 if you are able to help so that we will be able to coordinate all donations and make sure that we have enough items to support all of the staff.
  • Thank you for your support. Because of our teachers and staff, we have a great school! Let’s make this the best Teacher Appreciation week ever!!

From the Classrooms

2nd Grade

  • The 2nd Grade Class spent this past week practicing for First Communion. They are anxiously waiting for Saturday.
  • In Math we worked on sorting and counting money as well as making change up to one dollar.
  • In Science we talked about the sun and how our seasons change.
  • In Reading we worked on comparing and contrasting information found in a story.
  • In Spelling and English we worked with spelling and using contractions in sentences.
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The long awaited Book Bee competition finally arrived on Saturday, April 18! The fourth graders first round began at 8 am at St. Athanasius. Points were added up after the first round to see what top teams would advance to the next round also known as the final round. There were 13 teams/schools in the first round. Only six teams moved on to the final round. The Saint Paul Fourth Graders made it to the final round!! Even though they did not place as one of the top 3 winners, Ms. Towles and their parents were very proud that they made it to the final round.
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SPD/Library/Technology News

SPD News

We just finished a unit on heart rate and about how knowing about how our heart works can help us all through our lives.

  • This week the 7th and 4th graders began volleyball skills. The 7th and 4th grades are learning the importance of control and positioning for the game of volleyball. They have been doing a great job!
  • 1st grade has been reviewing the movements that we have been learning this trimester as well as soccer skills. Our 1st graders are graduating to the special SPD movers club! They have learned a great deal so far this trimester. We also began learning about our Circulatory System and how our heart and circulatory system helps to move blood around our body.
  • Preschool and Pre-K have been experimenting with movements with Hula Hoops.

Library News

Passion projects are in full swing for the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. The students were given an option to research a topic or event that they hold close to their hearts. They will be teaching us about this topic in their own way. They may choose an online product, visual product, video, etc. This is in their hands! They have begun working on their final presentations for this project this week. Some ideas for middle school Passion Projects include “Why We Dream”, “Fundraiser for Cancer”, and “Creation of Apps for Music Therapy”. They have really been working hard and have come up with excellent topics! I can’t wait to see their final products!

April is Poetry Month!

5th graders are working on making their own selfie poems! We took selfies in library class which will be displayed with our poems. 5th grade also has been learning about similes and metaphors. They were asked to incorporate simile and metaphors in their selfie poems.

4th and 3rd grades are writing Bio Poems. These poems are about their likes, dislikes, wonders, and fears. They began working this week and will continue next week.
2nd graders are working on an Eric Carle author study. We have been reading and rating Eric Carle’s books in class. We have been discussing his author and illustrating style. Mrs. Lambert is helping us learn about his style and use of illustrations by working with the 2nd graders to make a crab for “A House for Hermit Crab”.
1st and Kindergarten have been learning about Onomatopoeia, or sound words, in books. We have read and watched online stories that use Onomatopoeia.

Library/Computer Lab Renovation - Summer 2015

Libraries in the Internet Age

St. Paul's Library/Computer Lab will experience a major renovation this coming summer. We are in the planning process between now and June 1st. Why are we doing this now? The video below helps to explain the need for us to so.

St. Paul News

From Your DiCaff Team

Vacation Bible School Volunteer Meeting - 4/28

April 28 @ 6:00pm Vacation Bible School Volunteer Meeting. We need snack people, craft people, LOTS of small group leaders, drama people, music people, decoration people!

Mark your calendar to come and see what you can do to help make this year VBS a great success!

Meeting Located at St. Paul in Hilary Hall (building behind the school) Our VBS is hosted and supported by Incarnation, Mary Queen of Peace, St Lawrence and St Paul!

Then... if you have not attended Safe Environment (a requirement to work around children in the Archdiocese) - St Paul is hosting a Safe Environment training at 6:30 in the cafeteria!!!

Vacation Bible School - 6/7 - 6/10

6:30-8:30 hosted by Incarnation, St Lawrence, Mary Queen of Peace, and St Paul at: St Paul Church, All invited!!! Ages 4 yrs old-6th grade… 7th grade thru High School PLUS Adults can assist as helpers and leaders!!!! Please mark your calendar

**** This is a great way to begin Confirmation Service Requirements!

Community Happenings

Channels of Grace Presentation - 4/20 & 4/27

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Summer Camps

Assumption High School Summer Camps

Now is the time to start planning for summer. AHS is offering more than 35 enrichment and athletic summer camps taught by our award-winning faculty and top-ranked coaches, for children in grades K-9. With over 25 new camps offered, there are interests for everyone. We hope your family will be able to take advantage of some of these opportunities, and we ask that you please help spread the word with prospective families that you know! Space is limited, so visit to learn more and register today! Contact for questions.

Mercy Summer Camp Programs

Mercy is very excited to offer a wide variety of academic and athletic summer camp programs. Many of these camps are open to boys and girls. Click on this link for more information.

Saint Paul Catholic Community App

The Saint Paul app is designed to keep parents and students informed with recent news and information regarding the school and parish. Features include things such as push notifications, calendars, request for information forms, menu updates, athletics, etc.

To begin using the new app, scan the appropriate QR Code below for your device or click on the website links below the QR Codes.

EngradePro Support Articles for Parents

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