TIME TO VOTE--School Site Council

MTM Candidate List Released--Cast your votes

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School Site Candidates

1. Barbara Greer:

My name is Barbara Greer. I am a Social Worker by degree and my current work title is Family Health Advocate. For 36+ years, I have been advocating for families in different capacities formally. But informally, I have been advocating for others even as a very young child. I was born to advocate for those who can't. Now that I am a guardian/grandparent of a child with special needs, I want to learn and become the voice and person to advocate for my grandchild and others. Oftentimes, I feel that special needs students do not get the additional services I feel will help them reach their greatest potential. If I am selected, I will serve to help all children.

I fully believe that ALL CHILDREN, regardless of their neighborhood, social economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, abilities and assisted emerging abilities MATTERS! ( P.S. I dislike saying disabilities, so I decided to use assisted emerging abilities instead).

Like our children matters, so does your VOTE!

Vote for me or whomever you feel will ALWAYS have the best interest of MTM and its students at the heart and center of every decision they make.

2. Joanna Proctor:

As a teacher fully invested in MTM students and the Encanto community, I would love the honor to fill one of the seats on the council. I am committed to the success of MTM, its growth, its academics, its career pathways, and its ability to meet the needs of all of our diverse students. Having six years of experience teaching MTM students and creating and implementing a variety of programs, I believe that I have a unique perspective to offer the council. Thank you for your time and consideration.

3. Beamli Mendez:

To advocate for the children attending the school, increase possibilities of policy changes, and appropriate disbursement of resources and funds.

4. Leslie Reynolds:

My name is Leslie Reynolds, and I am the Executive Director of Groundwork. I want the Groundwork EarthLab to provide amazing school-day, after-school, and summer experiences to all MTM students. Being on the SSC will help us understand school priorities and generate funding to support them.

5. Allie Sifrit:

Hello! My name is Allie Sifrit and I would be honored to have a voting seat on the MTM School Site Council. I am new to the MTM Community as I recently began working with MTM students in an afterschool program. I am coordinating the STEAM Camp at EarthLab and I am absolutely blessed to be working with these students. Working with these students is a dream job of mine and I would like to help in any way possible. I believe that we can work together to build and improve programs to ensure MTM students have the skills, knowledge and desire to seek a college degree and a career in science, technology, engineering, arts or mathematics. Please consider welcoming me into the MTM family as a member of the SSC.


2nd Term SSC Member: Emma Bravo

Emma Bravo will continue her 2nd term as an MTM SSC voting member. Welcome back Ms. Bravo and thank you for your service!

Hello my name is Emma Bravo and I have 2 teenagers in 8th grade. I would like to be involved in everything related to their education and continue to be a part of SSC because I want to support the MTM family.

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