LHS Weekly Update #1

July 31, 2020

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Greetings Lathrop Families,

As we prepare for this unique year of school during a pandemic, I recognize you have many questions as the first day of school approaches. There are certain things that have been decided and others that are in flux. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through all the details. You can expect weekly updates from me from this point forward. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Carly Sween


School starts on Thursday, August 20th. School will start remotely (all students work from home). It is unknown how long we will stay remote. The district's special education department is looking at ways for some students with special education services to be able to return to school sooner than regular ed students. More information will be coming from the district soon.

Last week I sent out some communication to help us with planning. If you did not yet do so, or if your choice has changed, please click on images below to complete the appropriate form and/or get information.

When can I see my schedule and what will it look like?

We are currently working on building our new master schedule where students in the blended learning/in-school approach will get 12 total courses over the school year, but rather than being tasked with 6 classes at a time over an 18 week semester they will be enrolled in 3 classes at a time over a 9 week quarter still earning the same amount of course credit. We expect to have individual student schedules available the week of August 10th. An example schedule is listed below.


Quarter-Mester 1: 9-weeks

Algebra 1 A

Earth Space Science A


Quarter-Mester 2: 9-weeks

Algebra 1B

Earth Space Science B

Digital Photography

Quarter-Mester 3: 9-weeks

English 9 A


Concert Choir A

Quarter-Mester 4: 9-weeks

English 9B

Alaska Studies

Concert Choir B

All students will be placed into the blended learning/in school option unless they opt for e-learning or withdraw to attend homeschool.

If you have questions about your schedule, it is best to contact your counselor via e-mail. Counseling Information

If I'm doing e-learning, when will I know my schedule?

If your student plans to do e-learning, the district asks you to register by August 7th. After that date, you will be contacted to work on your student's schedule.

All information and a registration link can be found here: E-Learning Info

**Note: these classes will be set up in a similar way to our e-learning courses we offer during the school year and for summer school. Many use Apex or FuelEd platforms.

How does my student get their school materials?

We will be setting up an online sign-up form for students/guardians to come to Lathrop August 17th-19th to pick up materials. Watch for the sign-up link to be coming to you next week.

Fall Sports have Begun

Fall sports started this week.

Visit planeths.com to complete all required paperwork. Sports physical required.

We are currently in an intermediate risk status. Students should wear a facemask and bring their own water bottle.

Contact the individual coach or Steve Zanazzo with any questions.


907-456-7794, Ext. 17520

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