Nature of the beast

Connor tramel and Nevin odom

Engagement activity

From the movie after earth.

Now, pull up a picture of something that you fear on your iPad. Think about if this is something that you have seen or encountered in real life or if it's just something you've heard about and your mind has generated a fear of through imagination.

Overview and thesis

Thesis statement: In The Lord of the Flies the point the author William Goulding was trying to make of the nature of the beast isn't really the beast itself, it's the fear within the children that grows the more uncivilized they become.

Overview: The beast on the island that frightens all the boys isn't actually real. All of the boys are afraid of the beast, but Simon is the only one that realizes the beast isn't real and that it only lives within each of the boys. As they become more out of control, their belief in the beast grows stronger. Near the end of the novel, some of the boys are treating the beast like a god and leaving it sacrifices. The boys uncivilized behavior is what creates the beast, and so the more savagely the boys act, the more real the beast becomes to them.


“Maybe […] there is a beast […] What I mean is… maybe it's only us.”- Simon

Simon realizes that the closest thing to a beast they have on the island is the evil nature within the children themselves.

“What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?”- Piggy

Piggy sees that the boys are behaving very uncivilized and is trying to prevent anarchy by asking the boys to reevaluate how they are acting.

"I know there isn't no beast—not with claws and all that, I mean—but I know there isn't no fear, either"- Piggy

Piggy realizes that there is no beast living on the island, but he does believe that all of the boys are frightened and as a result they created a beast to escape the fear within themselves.


A lot of times fear is just in your imagination isn't actually anything that can physically harm you. This was the case with the boys in lord of the flies. They were scared so they created an imaginary beast to put all of their fear into.


1. How does Jack use the beast to influence and control the other boys?

2. How did the beast grow through anarchy?

3. Why did Simon have a better understanding that the beast wasn't real than the other boys did?

4. What is the difference between danger and fear?