Grains for Brains

By Shepherd Beck 7th Hour

Examples of grains





The benefits of grains include Iron, Fiber and Vitamin B


Refined Grains - Removed bran and germ from the kernel and there is only endosperm.

Whole Grains - The whole kernel.

1 oz of Grain is?

A slice of bread

1 cup cereal

Or a half cup of rice

Health Benefits of Grain

Grains will give you carbohydrates which gives a lot of energy

They reduce the risk of heart disease

Whole grains help you manage your weight

They help with protection of the fetus during pregnancy

What to Look for on labels

Look for ingredients such as brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal and quinoa.

Food Label Tips

Stay away from labels such as "seven grain" "multigrain" or "cracked wheat"

Read the ingredients to figure out if it is a whole grain