"Bee" in the Know

Martha B. Day Weekly Update 10/23/2020


All GHOULS and BOYS....

Please wear your Halloween costume

to your Google Class Meet

Friday, October 30th.

Students Caught "Bee"ing Awesome at MBD

From now until Thanksgiving Break, when a student is caught "Bee"ing awesome, a postcard will be sent to the student's house. Students will be caught "Bee"ing awesome by Ms. Husser for one of the reasons:

- "Bee"ing an Active Listener

- "Bee"ing Kind to Others

- "Bee"ing a Role Model

- "Bee"ing Excited About Learning

Check Out MBD's 'Buzzy' Bees

"Bee" Mindful in Remote Learning with Ms. Faliveno


  • Fall is full of wonderful scents. Scent is a great way to help kids become more aware of the here-and-now... to be MINDFUL.
  • An easy way to engage the sense of smell is to give your child something fragrant to smell... a flower, a slice of apple, etc.
  • Invite your child to close their eyes and inhale the aroma. Take a few minutes to smell the fragrance. Then ask " What do you smell?" " What does that make you feel... remind you of?"
  • Teaching children to stop and smell can literally remind them to "stop and smell the roses" and sometimes we all need to be reminded of that!

The Upcoming Buzz

Nov 2nd (Monday) HYBRID A attends school

Nov 3rd (Tuesday) School Closed - Election Day

Nov 4th (Wednesday) HYBRID B attends school

Nov 5th and 6th (Thursday / Friday) School Closed - Teachers' Convention

The Hive's Health Hints

Please answer the Attendance Question daily so we can track attendance accurately.

To report an absence please call (973) 838-1311 press 1

or email kbarile@bloomingdaleschools.org

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