Kevin Chan

you're not the only one

1.) What years were you in middle school?

"From 1990 to 1993"

2.) What kinds of music and fashions were popular back then?

"Jazz,The Spice Girls and poofy hair was popular"
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4) What job or interests did you like.

Job-accountant Interests-Gardening Activities-dancing

5) What did you like to do in middle school.

Field Trips
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6) What did you dislike about middle school?

going to and from school in public transportation.

7) How were you like in middle school?

Shy and independent.
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8) What tip would you give for middle school?

Stay in school.
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9) What was your favorite thing to do back then?

eating and trying random foods in interests, like sushi and fried rice with thing you don't like and now do

10) How was school back then?

Teachers yelling at students that weren't paying attention.