Q: why smoke? A: no reason

ask your self...


my name is Elizabeth and i am doing a class project on smoking

i learned ALOT from this project i hope you do too

My goal and wish is for you to quit smoking or NEVER start smoking


Did you know that there is over 3,500 poisons and chemicals in 1 cigarette?
Here are just a few

  1. Arsenic: rat poison and used in bullets
  2. Cadmium: a chemical used in batteries
  3. Butane: lighter fluid
  4. Ammonia: house cleaner
  5. Carbon monoxide: poisonous gas
  6. Formaldehyde: used to preserve dead bodies
  7. lead: i don't even need to tell you what it is you should know.(metal)
  8. DDT: a banned insecticide
  9. Polonium: radioactive; VERY deadly
  10. Cresol: used in making bombs do you really want this stuff in your body? I don't

NO way what?????

If you don't believe me LOOK it up

Its all true (sadly)

I hope this changes your mind

you outta stop or never start