By: Grace Bounds

General Facts on Haiti

Haiti is a small island nation on the island of Hispanola, which it shares with the Dominican Republic. It's capital is Port-au-Prince, and it has a population of 10.32 million. It's official language is French.

Haitian History

Haitian Independence

Haiti was a part of France until 1804. This is why it's official language is French and all of its cities are French. The Haitian Revolution was actually a slave rebellion inspired by the French Revolution. Toussaint L'Overture who was a former slave, led Haiti to rebellion from France.


Haiti has a capitalist government. Haiti exports coffee, mangos, oil, cocoa, to mainly the US. They import food, raw materials, supplies, and fuels from the Dominican Rublic, the Netherlands, the US, and China.

Tourism and Physical Features


Haiti has good relations with other countries due to the aid other countries have brought Haiti after many natural disasters.