Performance Final Smore

By: Nuffort Victome

Nuffort Victome

Mrs. Kim



grade literature

May 20, 2016

Performance Final

The use of our phones was originally to inform us about what’s going on in our society, knowledge, and to entertain us. But the use of our entertainment has been out of control. Now a day, I see everyone glued to their technology. Day by day we literally disconnect from everybody and everything around us by always staying on our phone. I’m not even going to lie; you can’t really blame us for it. Phones can be very addicting, and it’s not too hard to get distracted from it. I even have a hard time focusing on doing one thing without me using my phone and getting distracted. That doesn’t mean that you will forever be addicted to that phone. They are a few ways we can keep our minds occupied so we don’t get tempted to use the phone that much. Communicating with one another. I thought it was sad when on the video, Prince Ea’s was talking about him meeting up with a friend “face to face” and the friend said, “when do you want to skype?” At that part of the video, that really opened my eyes on that’s were our generation is revolved on; Technology. Going out more is another option. By staying at the house, we literally are setting ourselves up into using our technology. Eventually we will get bored, and by staying at the house all day and not going out, it’s not making it any easier into not using our technology.

The use of social media is something that has been very beneficial. But the overuse of anything can lead on to very bad things. Social media had impacted our lives so much that it disconnects use from what’s going on around us. It is a very addicting entertainment. Like I said in the beginning, they are some ways to disconnect ourselves from social media/ technology. Getting rid of it. For some of you guys, you probably thinking I’m crazy, but I have a reason for why I said that. When I was in the 10


grade, I use to have an Instagram. I would be on it every day. It was to the point where I would really communicate with people outside my school by using Instagram. When I was a junior, I decided to just delete the app. First off I didn’t see the point in having that app, and secondly, I felt like I was becoming socially awkward. After I deleted the app, I was a lot more outgoing, my personality changed a lot, and I’m not so tied up to my phone as much anymore. By getting rid of the app that you use on a daily basis, it will help being more communicative to others. If you feel like deleting all your social media is too much, at least having a limit on how many social media you may have. That is how I feel like we can control our addiction.

I feel like in order for me to harness the power of social media and technology, is by being out in the world more. We have 24 hours in a day, by putting the phone down for just one hour a day, I don’t feel like is too much to ask for. Going for a walk is another option. Hanging out with friend, finding a hobby are all good options.

performance Final Part two

Nuffort Victome

Ms. Kim



grade literacy


Performance Final Part Two

When we did our first smore, we discussed about media literacy, and what exactly is it. At the beginning of the year, my views of media literacy have changed A LOT in the past couple of months. From books like V for Vendetta, to 1984, definitely changed the way I view things now. Before I didn’t care on the events that were happening in our society; now I am interested to know what is going on in our society.

There has been a list of things that I have learned throughout the semester that I am going to take with me in the future.

Precis: this is something that we did in class that we all knew for a fact we would never use after we graduate, even Ms. Kim knew that we were not going to use precis after high school. But what she did tell us is that it doesn’t matter if it’s stupid to do it or not, its whether or not you are going to follow the direction or not.

CNN student news: at first, I thought it was so stupid watching the CNN Student News. For one thing I thought I was to grown to watch the “Student news”. But after comparing the CNN Student news, to regular CNN; I realized how boring the news really is. So watching the Student news wasn’t too bad to watch because not only it informs you what is on on around or today society, but they make it actually enjoyable to watch. So I’m still going to watch the Student news after I leave highs cool.

V for Vendetta: in the story “V for Vendetta”, it taught me to stand up for what you believe in. to be different. Throughout the book, you see how everyone follows exactly what the government tells the m to do. From curfew, to the program they watch. V stood up to the government. I’m not saying we should all just go rebel against the government, but you can start small. If there is something that you may not agree with, stand up for what you believe in. that’s what I got off of V for Vendetta.

Socratic seminar: when I first did these, I use to think it was the dumbest thing ever. Mainly because in the begging of the semester, I was shy, and scared to speak in front of the class. What the seminar taught me is to not only to get over my fear of speaking in front of a group [p of people, but also, to say what I believe in no matter what anyone says. Socratic seminar is a place where your opinion literally matters so why not say yours?

1984: This was a novel that has changed the way I think Big time. First off, it made me think do we live in a Dystopian society. Secondly, it also made me think that the only thing that is for you to be fear for, is your fear. For example, I use to be horrified of heights (Ironic right). But after I faced my fears, I’m not scared of heights anymore. This novel taught me to think outside the box.

This class was a lot different that my other language art classes because one, Ms. Kim goes by what we fell like doing. For example, some days we fell like going for a walk, other days we don’t. Ms. Kim goes by what our interest is, and I liked that. Also there was NO homework. Which was clutch because they were some days when my schedule was so busy, I wasn’t sure if I could even do most of my homework. The only thing that I feel like you could so is just to be more interactive with all of your classes instead of the juniors. Other than that , I can’t complain about the class at all.