Mrs. Givens 4th Grade

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Welcome to October!

Red Ribbon Week is coming - visit to learn more about this great organization. We will be designing and decorating our classroom door for a school competion!
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Week in Review - Oct. 12-16 and Upcoming Events

"Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important." - Bill Gates

It's the beginning of the 2nd quarter of your child's 4th grade experience. We are plugging along with our reading skills, multiplication skills, and writing skills as well as we continue to learn about Missouri Ecosystems and the Indian Tribes that first inhabited the land we know as Missouri.

Next week the students will have the opportunity to do their weekly reading log in Canvas (our online learning community) instead of writing it on paper. They have been shown in class how it works and there will be instructions attached to their paper reading log. If you are curious here is a link to our Canvas page (4th Grade Homeroom). All parents should have a login but if not your child knows theirs and can log in and show you.

I have also created a page for important forms - so if you ever misplace a permission slip this is where it will be! (Important Forms Page)


10/19-10/23 - Red Ribbon Week

Monday - 10/19 - SPED classes and friends to Millsap Farms (Brooks & Parker selected)

Thursday, 10/22 - Major Savers Limo Ride/Pizza Lunch (Keithie qualifed for this)

- Math Night - (Forms came home, so we can have a head count. Please return if you are coming.)


10/26-10/30 - Parent Teacher Conference Week

Wednesday, 10/28 - 4th Grade to Springfield Little Theater to see Huck Finn (permission slips need to be returned ASAP

Thursday, 10/29 - 4th grade school pictures

Friday, 10/30 - October Celebration Assembly

Monday, 11/2 - No School

Tuesday, 11/3 - No School