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APRIL 2017

From Our Principal...

Dear families,

What a wonderful time of year! We've just returned from Spring Break and had a chance to disconnect, recharge, and get a different view for a week. I hope you were able to gain some perspective and fill yourself up with sunny moments with your family! All around us, the flowers and trees are blooming, birds are singing, and sports are beginning. Inside our school our students, just like the flowers, are blossoming and showing their growth in many ways.

I am always so thankful to have the job I have--to watch your children grow and develop, to collaborate with you help our children and to bring great things to our school, and to support and clear the way for our teachers as they create ways for the children to realize their potential in fun and engaging ways. But this time of year, it is especially rewarding. Listening to budding readers, reading blooming writers' work, hearing the flourishing instrumentalists and's such a rewarding and uplifting time of year!

We just had our kindergarten round up and have over 100 students enrolled for the fall. This means many new families to our school family who will need a listening ear, a kind gesture, a word of advice. Would YOU be willing to mentor a new family? We'd like to pair families with mentors who will provide them with a personal invitation to events like our 4K4Kids, our Open House, Grandparents Days, and other events, and to provide support for families who may not know others and may just need a friendly face. Click here to let us know you'd like to be a Family Mentor Phone-a-Friend!

As we enter the final weeks of our school year, YOU are the primary "Phone-a-Friend" for your child! Your encouragement helps them to work hard and achieve at high levels. Please join us in lifting them up, reminding them of their skills and talents, and encouraging them to do their personal best on school work. Our goal is for every child to grow and excel and we need your help! Please help your child remember to keep the focus on learning, to keep the mindset on growing, and to keep the view in the balcony and out of the basement! (See Mrs. Lynch's article below for more balcony/basement explanation!!)

I hope to see you tomorrow at the 4K4Kids with lots of bags of shoes to donate!!


Katie White


From Our Principal Intern...

Balcony v. Basement

Success isn't just about what you accomplish in your life, it's about what you inspire others to do.


Not long ago, Mrs. White and I were able to hear a speaker, Dr. Adolph Brown, who shared his views on balcony and basement mindsets. This information was recently shared with the staff at West Terrace and as you walk the halls, you may see references to ways we as a staff are committed to being in the balcony for our students.

Individuals who are in the balcony choose to perceive the qualities of others in a positive light. They encourage and inspire those around them to succeed. For example, if one is particularly talented with organizing events, an individual whose mindset is in the balcony would highlight this strength. He or she would emphasize how this talent is used to benefit others and encourage the organizer to develop this skill.

On the other hand, basement dweller mindset tends to perceive the qualities of others negatively. The basement dweller may see the organizer from the previous example and perceive the skill as being micro-managing. These individuals discourage those around them and talents are crushed rather than being celebrated and developed.

There are two ways in which one can strive to be in the balcony. First, focus on perception. Make an active attempt to perceive the talents of others positively rather than negatively. We are empowered with the ability to choose how we perceive others. Second, be aware of those who surround us. Be sure to surround yourself with those who stay in the balcony and work to encourage others. We can use this encouragement to propel ourselves to be the balcony for our students!

From Our Counselor...

EVERY DAY, ON TIME #SchoolEveryDay

What are the benefits of being on time and in school every day?

· School is easier for students who are there every day—and on time.

· Being at school regularly and on time helps students build and maintain satisfactory friendships.

· Regular attendance builds a good foundation of knowledge so the next school year can be a success.

· Being ready and present for class establishes a life time of good habits—getting and keeping a job by being on time and being there every day.

· Being at school every day and on time meets the state’s attendance requirements and avoids violating state attendance law (I.C. 20-33-2-6) resulting in consequences that impact the whole family negatively.

ISTEP+ Part 2 Testing Schedule

ALL testing begins at 8:45 am.

Grades 4 and 5 will test on the following dates:

Tues. Apr. 18, Wed. Apr. 19, Thurs. Apr. 20, Fri. Apr. 21 and Mon. Apr. 24

Grade 3 will test on the following dates:

Tues. Apr. 25, Wed. Apr. 26, Thurs. Apr. 27, and Fri. Apr. 28


Gems From the Gym

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Grandparent's Day

3rd Grade April 13, 2017 9:00 am-10:30 am Gym

1st Grade April 27, 2017 9::00 am-10:30 am Gym


Congratulations to the top walkers:

Tied 1st Jayden Folz 3rd grade. Allen

Tied 1st Nolan Hanmore 3rd grade Bass

Tied 1st Cooper Johnson 3rd grade Bass

2nd Isaac Kisner 3rd grade Allen

3rd Nolan Bigham 2nd grade Kavanaugh

4th Rowyn Weiss 1st grade Corressell

5th Caroline Engler 2nd grade Kavanaugh

Recycling News

Please remember to recycle your aluminum cans here at West Terrace! We have a recycle cage in the east side parking lot right next to the blue recycle dumpsters. All proceeds go to help our school!

As a reminder, we no longer collect plastic caps for recycling at West Terrace.

Thank you to everyone for helping our school!

Calendar Link--click below for calendar

Important Dates

Apr 8 1:00pm – 5:00pm 4K4Kids

Apr 10- April 13 BOOK FAIR

April 10 5:30pm – 6:30pm PTA Meeting - Media Center

Apr 12 10:00am – 1:00pm Fire Wardens Field Trip

April 13 8:45am – 12:20pm 4th Grade Field Trip: 4 H Fairgrounds

April 13 9:00am – 10:30am 3rd Grade Grandparent's Day

Apr 14 No School

Apr 18 - April 28 ISTEP Testing

April 20 8:45-12:00 Lifeskills Field Trip Zoo

Apr 27 9:00am – 10:30am 1st grade Grand Parent's Day

Apr 27 6:00pm – 7:30pm Grade 1 and choir Program – Gym

Apr 27 8:30am – 1:30pm 4th Grade field trip- George Rogers Clark

May 1 Principal’s Day

May 1-5 Teacher Appreciation Week

May 3 6:00pm – 7:00pm Dress Rehearsal Spark Spring Concert - AIS Diamond

May 4 6:30pm – 7:30pm Spark Spring Concert - AIS Diamond

May 6-12 Nurse Appreciation Week

May 9 5th Grade Perry Heights Visit

May 9 6:30pm – 8:00pm 5th Grade Honors Banquet - Gym

May 12 Field Day

May 15 Field Day Rain Date

May 16 6:00pm – 8:00pm Talent Show Evening Performance – Gym

May 17 9:00am – 1:30pm 5th Grade Blackcat Bash

May 18 8:30-1:30 4th Grade Field Trip – Lincoln National

May 18 9:00am – 11:00am Recognition Day 5th Grade - Gym

May 19 Last Day of School

Important policy reminders

***New Policy*** Visitors to West Terrace

In order to maximize security in our building, we have implemented a tighter access to our building. Even if we recognize who you are, you will be asked to identify your purpose for entering our building. Please understand that this is done to keep everyone safe. We also ask that you not open the door for anyone who is attempting to enter--even if you know them! It's hard, but we must make our children's safety our first priority.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Drop Off/Pick Up

Morning Drop Off

This is a reminder that morning drop off may not occur before 7:45. While we ARE opening the gate to allow cars to leave West Terrace Drive, we ask that you keep children in your car until 7:45. Teachers are not on duty for supervision before 7:45. Thank you for your understanding.

No Passing Zone

Please remember the back parking lot is a NO Passing Zone unless you are directed to pass by an adult on duty. We will do everything we can to be sure we have a safe environment for all moving vehicles, and for our precious children and staff!

Lunch Box Bringers

If you send your child to school with a lunch box, please be sure to send a spoon or fork, napkins, etcetera. These items are not provided to the school to give to students who do not purchase a tray. Thank you for your understanding!


All changes in transportation should be made in writing to the teacher. If there is an emergency and you need to change the way your child goes home, please call the office.

Emailing teachers, texting, or other means of communication are not reliable, and we request that no transportation changes be given to the teachers during the day. Too many times teachers are called out of the building, go home ill, have a substitute, are in meetings, etcetera and the changes aren't received. We also want teachers to be teaching, not worrying that they missed an important email or text during the day. Finally, we keep record of last minute changes in the office so that we can be sure the communications are given and children are delivered safely, so please, please call the office.

Changes cannot be guaranteed after 2:00 p.m. PLEASE call before 2:00.

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President: Jenny Fuquay

Vice-President: Sandi Davis

Secretary: Tera Babb

Treasurer: April Coughlin

4K4KIDS Saturday, April 8th

The 4K4KIDS color run is coming up on Saturday, April 8th. 1:00 for FUN...3:00 for RUN! Same day registration will begin at 1:00. We will have games, inflatables, music, special guests and a rockin' costume contest. And don't forget to ROCK YOUR SHOES OFF and donate your new or lightly used shoes, as this is the last day of the shoe drive. Look for more information in the race packets which will be sent home with your student.

Volunteer for the 4K4Kids

If you would like to volunteer at the 4K4KIDS please contact Becky Massie at

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Extended Care

We hope everyone had a fun/relaxing Spring Break and are ready to roll into the last weeks of school. Here in the ED Center we are busy registering students for the 2017-’18 school year. We will have the applications on hand in the Cafeteria during ED Center hours of operation or they can be sent home with your child per your request.

When doing your Spring Cleaning, please keep us in mind before throwing out balls or other outdoor equipment that we may use, as our budget is very tight. Please send the item to school in a bag marked ED Center. We truly appreciate it!

Barbara Grant

ED Center Coordinator

Community Outreach

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Jenna Hancock-Wargel Berkshire Hathaway Home Services (Click here for more information)


Please help us welcome the following staff members to our teams.

Here are the specific grade level assignments:


Tara Kolb, rm 32

Wendy Brunson, rm 30

Lisa Gooch, rm 33

Angela Hayes, rm 34

First Grade

Amanda Woods, rm 1

Brooke Corressell, rm 3

Mallorie Roberts, rm 6

Cindy Hamon, rm 5

Second Grade

Vera Emmons, rm 9

Carie Kingery, rm 10

Trisha Kavanaugh, rm 15

Amy Nau, rm 12

Third Grade

Janette Allen, rm 16/ Stephanie Scheu, rm 16

Robin Bass, rm 19/ Denise Strawn, rm 18

Megan Murphy, rm 23

Fourth Grade

Shelly DeWeese, rm 22/ Lindsey Stine, rm 29

Audrey Gower, rm 24/Sarah Stoltz, rm 17

Fifth Grade

Trish Toelle, rm 26/Renee Schefer, rm 27

Cassie Curl, rm 28/Simone Nance, rm 25

Special Ed


Jennifer Bennett, rm 4

Sarah Walls, rm 2


Renae Jackson, rm 14

Shelley Patton, rm 21

Amanda Ritzert, media center


Susan Kemper, Art, rm 8

Anne Woodruff, Music, rm 7

Peggy Belanger, Gym

Nadine Risley, Technology


Katie White, Principal

Bethany Lynch, Principal Intern

April Coughlin, Counselor

Sheri Moore, Principal's Secretary

Nicole Smith, Secretary/Receptionist

Christine Hamilton, Nurse

Peggy Jewell, Media Aide