The Effects of Pollution

Endangering Aquatic Species

Oil Spills

On July 20, 2010 NOAA showed the oil plume 80 miles from Pensacola and 125 miles away from Panama City. Nearly 34.4 million gallons of oil water mixture was removed by over 40,000 people on the ground to assist with the extraction. Thousands of aquatic mammals have been affected by this disaster.

In 2007, an oil tanker crashed into San Fransisco Bay, Spilling over 58,000 gallons of pure fuel into thousands of animals habitat. This affected many marine animals such as harbor seals, birds, and many more.

Sea lions

Fishing Nets

Entanglement from fishing nets or other debris can lead to suffocation, starvation, drowning, undernourishment, or other serious injury.

The deaths of two new zealand sea lions inside fishing nets designed to help them escape has prompted calls for better protection of the critically endangered species

Humpback Whales

Marine Debris

Many marine animals ingest debris they mistake for food, this causes thousands of deaths each year. This can cause malnourishment and/or starvation in animals because the debris in there stomach tricks them into thinking that they are full so they stop eating which causes these animals to not retain the necessary minerals and nutrients they would normally get from food.


Australian Plastic Pollution

Australia takes the next step in the fight against ocean plastic pollution. Following on from the successful launch of the UK good search guide, fauna and flora International (FFI) has now released an Australia specific version of the guide.

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