Love Wanted

By Christopher Ayala

Perfect Qualities

Must contain these characteristic; Intellectual, Beneficent, Gratifying, Motivation, adherence, and Self-discipline.


Must lack; Selflessness, Jealousy, Abhor, Isolation, Agressive, and Obsessive.

My Dream Date to you

I would take you on a long stroll through the beach and we would talk about our dreams and what we want to do and where we want to go in life. Later I would surprise you with dinner and tell you I had a great day. I would give you a bunch of flowers which I have spent picking from my garden all day. We would eat our dinner and embrace in each others company. Later i would tell you I would love to do it again sometime.


Love without grudges and give without expecting anything.

True Love Quote

Love when you're ready not when you're lonely.