Evergreen State College

Home of the Geoduck

School Information

  • Located in Olympia Washington
  • Has a 96% acceptance rate
  • 50% of students leave without debt
  • Residential fee for all schooling is 79,296 dollars
  • Non-Residential fee for all schooling is 145,188 dollars
  • A transfer degree requires at least a 2.0 GPA

Things to do in Olympia/College

  • Farmers Markets
  • Art walk
  • Cafes
  • 1,000 acres of forest with trails
  • Several Miles of beach on the puget sound
  • Only 100 miles from portland
  • Only 60.9 miles away from seattle


  • Located in the middle of a forest
  • On the tip of the Puget Sound


  • I plan on working through highschool
  • Help from parental units