Safety First!

What you need to know about entering a home!

Follow Your Instincts!

"The first, and most important, safety guidelines is that home visitors use common sense and good judgment" (Wasik, B. (1990). pp. 166).

Before You Hit the Road!

Being prepared before you leave the office can help prevent unexpected situations.

1- Check your cell phone. Make sure it is fully charges & the location settings are on.

2- Review the client's file. Family dynamics and any history notes from previous visits.

3- Verify you have the correct, up to date address.

4- Inform co-workers of the location and time of your appointment.

5- Secure others if you need to take someone with you.

6- Wear appropriate clothing and shoes with low or no heels.

Serious Business!

"With studies and reports finding that home health care workers experience one of the highest rates of client violence than any other career field" (Campbell, C. et al. (2014). pp. 3).
Health and Safety on domiciliary visits

Approaching the House!

*Be aware of your surroundings.

*Park your vehicle in a way that you can make a quick exit, if necessary.

*Do not block anyone’s s parking space.

*Lock valuables in the trunk of your vehicle.

(Tips from Idaho Health and Welfare)


Take notes during the visit. Make sure you complete your notes and detail as much about the visit as possible. Documentation is a vital part of a home visitation. Paperwork should be completed as soon as possible after the home visit is complete. Delaying could result in missing details or forgetting to do the paperwork all together.


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Created By:

Heather A. Dunivon

Baker College

June 2nd, 2016