Cuban immigration

Pricila Rangel and Laurie Fernandez

When the group came to the united states ?

  • Cuban come to the United States as one of the groups who migrated massively in 1970.

Why the group came to the United states ?

  • Cuban immigrants go to the United States began in 1959 when Fulgencio Batista was defeated by Castro’s revolutionaries.

How the group got to the United States ?

  • On the night of 29 september 1965 at the Plaza de la Revolucion in Havana , Fidel Castro made the announcement the on 10 October 1965 , the port of Camarioca would be opened , so that any cubans desiring to leave for “ Yankee paradise “ could do so . Camarioca remained open until 15 November 1995 . 2,979 Cubans took advantage of Castro’s “ boat lih “ was in 1965 , cubans could certainly fly from Cuba to the United States.

What U.S immigration laws or policies were effect at the time of the group’s migration ?

  • In 1996 , congress passed the Cuban adjustment Act ( CAA ) , it helps Cuban who have more than one year in the United States to obtaining the “ permanent residence “ In 1986 congress passed the “ the public law 99-603 : control act and immigration Reform “ included the section 202 . set for Cuban - Haitian “ .This section of Cuban arrived by Mariel could apply for “ permanent residence “ having taken more than six years in U.S.A without a defined status . In November 1997 the United States congress passed the “ Public law 105 -100 . This act define its “section 202 adjustment of states to certain Nicaraguans and Cubans .

How many members of their group came to the United States ?

The cuban population in U.S.A has steadily grown from 73,000 in 1990 ; 144,000 in 2013.

How the United States population received and /or treated the group ?

United States is home to the largest numbers of Cuban immigrants ,

The laws and the population have adapted well to the needs of the Cuban people Immigration .

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Where the group settled ?

77% of the Cubans live in Florida . The second place with more Cubans live in New York.

Jobs the group typically found

( Employed worked in the civilian labor for ages 16 and older 2015 ).

  • In management business , science , and occupations with 25 % .

Service occupation with 22% .

Natural resources constructions and maintenance occupations with 12 %

Sales and office occupation with 23%.

Production transportation , and material moving occupation with 18 %

Comparative with the others immigrants and natives .

Contribution the group made to the United States and its culture

Cuban culture has become part of Florida especially in Miami with his music and traditional food has been enlarged due to the numbers of their immigrant members.

The most important contributions of the Cuban community in the United States has been the contribution of the manual arts .

Influence the group on their homelands as a result of its migration

Such as viewing their country hosting immigrants some people see it as a threat , the other part thinks is a necessary aid.

Some people thinks the migration of Cubans in previous years gives hope to immigrants coming to have greater chance of progress in coming years , another part thinks that there is no benefit in immigration . The opinions are very divided .


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