Corrupt Neurosurgeon Found Guilty

Article by Caden Hall

Detroit, MI

Neurosurgeon Dr. Aria Sabit has plead guilty and now faces up to nine years in a federal prison.

Patients in search of relief from their chronic back pain continually came to visit the office of Dr. Sabit. Little did they know, their faith in this surgeon would only result in more complications, and a waste of their time and money.

Sabit claimed to be in possession of a new implant device to reduce chronic back pain. When patients would visit the office for their procedure, Dr. Sabit would supposedly open them up, place the implant, and sew them right back up. Simple, right? Wrong.

What Sabit would actually do is open up his patient, and sew them back up with no actual work completed. Some patients had their spines fused, but most of the time, this was unnecessary. Others had screws implanted in their spines for no apparent reason. This resulted in more pain, less mobility, and often led to later procedures (that also had no effect on the real problem at hand). Some of you may be asking, "Why? Why on earth would a surgeon do this to his patients?" Here's why:

When Sabit completed these procedures, he would make fake claims to health insurers- $32 million worth. He even created counterfeit surgical records to back these claims up. It has been found that Sabit was also (secretly and illegally) a co-owner of a business that distributed the implants that Sabit was said to use. His participation in this firm resulted in an extra $12,000 a month.

The FBI based their investigation on four damaged patients, but it is believed that many, many more were injured by Dr. Sabit's procedures. Sabit admitted to his involvement and claimed that his medical judgement was impaired. Regardless of how apologetic he may sound, is Dr. Sabit worth forgiving?

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