The Black Mamba

By: Jared

Black Mamba killing Rat 01

What Would Happen if the Black Mamba's Prey Were to die?

The Black Mamba fits in the food chain right at the very top. The Black Mamba eats about everything in the environment from birds eggs to almost all rodents. If the the prey were to die, the black Mamba population would decline significantly (Obviously). Once the Black Mamba population became extremely low it's prey, rodents and small bird/eggs, would increase at a great rate and would probably go back to normal.

What biotic and Abiotic factors does a Black Mamba Need to Survive?

Obviously it needs food, water, and Shelter. Food is not necessarily a big issue for black Mambas, mostly because the black Mamba' s prey, mostly small rodents, are very abundant in the savannah biome.

How would a Black Mamba adapt if it were to be relocated to the tundra biome?

The black Mamba would have to be able to adapt very quickly if it was relocated there. The Tundra is an extremely cold environment with very low biotic diversity. The black Mamba might eat grouse like birds or more likely, marmots which are very similar to squirrels. One other obstacle is finding water that is very scarce. There is only about 38(15 inches) of precipitation that falls, in which most falls during the summer. Overall the black mamba would have a very hard time adapting, living, and thriving in the tundra biome.