A loving father

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A hard working father.

As a partner I cared for my future child as for my wife. I woke up early in the morning from 5 til 9 at night. I had my dream house and was able to buy my wife her cravings for the baby. I bought her a car so she wouldn't be home bored all alone. I gave her freedom while I went to work and refused to make her work, so that she wouldn't risk our beautiful blessing sent from up above. I never realized giving my partner everything to keep her stabilized, would cause her to do things behind my back. As for her 6th month pregnancy checkup. I received a call with an angered women yelling at me threw the phone telling me my wife would be placed in a supervised area, for putting at risk my child. During that moment I disregarded my job and left straight to the hospital, where she was located.
As I was entering the room I didn't wanna cross within my wife's eye sight, my heart was pounding and my temper was beyond my point. I was full of anger inside, but I knew best to keep myself from saying a single word. Within days I established to fight for my daughter and for the next 3 months my daughter could run at risk to be taken by an unfamiliar family. I stopped going to work so that I could go to court dates.
The moment I heard my daughter crying I turned into tears I realized I had just missed out a big part in my child's life. The moment she had been revealed to the world I wasn't there. And I blamed my self for not being able to be there but days latter I realized that it wasn't my fault, but the nurses fault for not identifying me. Tried my best to keep up with my child support and send it to the government so that they could get my child fit and healthy after having to be plugged into cords all day so that she could breath.I always dreamed of going to the hospital to see my daughter and coming back home with my daughter in my arms, and eventually be with her forever,just me and her. But until then I had to maintain myself working and making lots of money, and be on time to my daughters courts. Although regardless of my fear of loosing my daughter and going home without her made me fight against everyone.
It wasn't until June 24th 2014 when I finally gained full custody of my daughter and regardless of her mother wanting to see her I had the right to say NO, and keep her safe and away from her if that was my final decision. As for no now I am still working hard and keeping my daughter safe, I try and give her whats best. I am still waking up early in the morning and going to bed late to keep my daughter happy and play around with her before its time for bed. She has lots of energy because she was diagnosed with cocaine in her system at 6 months of being in the whom, there fore I have to keep up with her energy even though I myself am 59. And regardless if I am tired or not I still have to maintain myself from falling asleep, although there is some days were I fall into a deep sleep with her in my arms. But that doesn't bother her because as long as daddy is hugging her in her sleep she stays nice and calm into her deep sleep. She's a great kid and an amazing gift, thank god everything turned out okay during the labor, if it wasn't for her bravery I would of never had this amazing gift next to me.
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After the process of coming home I return home to my loving daughter and regardless of how I am i have to obtain myself from going to bed and staying up playing with my energetic daughter until she falls into a deep sleep but only for a short amount of time. later on feeding her well and take her out so she can be free outside as well as she runs around at home. I love my daughter with very much devotion and I also believe i have to keep up with my strength and be the best. As i play a father and mother role.
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