Battle of Gettysburg

Making Comparison

Comparison between Killer Angles by Michael Shaara the book and the website Battle of Gettysburg


The book and the website both explain the dates, the times, the days, and the areas the civil war happened from July 1, 1861 to July 3, 1861. There was 70,000 soldiers in the Confederacy of the south, 51,000 soldiers were casualty, now there was only 19,000 soldiers still alive but wounded that were left in the battle. There was 75,000 soldiers in the Union of the North, 49,000 soldiers were casualty, now there was 26,000 soldiers still alive in the battle but wounded. Both book and website explain the important details of the civil war.

Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

The differences

The book Killer Angels

  • In the beginning talked about camping
  • More explanation and details of the battles
  • Explains the maps and troops
  • Sometimes in first person

The website Battle of Gettysburg

  • In the beginning crossing river
  • Explanation of battle
  • Many facts of cause
  • gives many historical facts
  • Non fiction

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