Warren Warrior Activities

By: Sara Smith


In this flyer, I will be telling you a bunch of the amazing extracurricular activities that we have here at Warren Middle School. First, we have Musical Theatre. Musical Theatre is a fun, Broadway-like class that teaches dance, acting, and singing. Next, we have Athletics. Athletics is a place where girls and boys go through intense athletic training. They go through this training to: train their bodies, become a better athlete, and work towards the constant goal of Forney High School Athletics. Third, we have U.I.L. U.I.L is an extracurricular activity that is encouraged throughout the years you spend here. If you participate in this activity, you will likely travel to another school district; however, there is still a possibility that it will be held in your school district. Then, we have basketball. Basketball is a competitive sport held at Warren MS. In this sport, you will most likely experience the following: injuries, better coordination, and new friends. Finally, we have Bible Study. Bible Study is a place where you get in a better relation with God, and you can make friends. Altogether, WMS is a very cool place; also, we are full of great extracurricular activities. So... go Warriors!

Musical Theatre

The purpose of Musical Theatre is to create a family of friends at school. They all probably share the same interests as you do! A few reasons to join are of the following:

  • Singing, acting, and dancing are all going to happen in Musical Theatre.
  • You get to focus on memorizing choreography.
  • You can meet people and make new friends.
  • You can discover new interests in different songs.
Here are some things that could be considered a challenge...

  • You have to spend $20 or more on jazz shoes.
  • There will be fast-paced dancing while you are singing.
  • Musical Theatre needs devotion and passion.


Athletics teaches responsibility and devotion. Here are some reasons to join Athletics.

  • You get to show off your desired sports skills.
  • You get to better your desired sports skills.
  • You get to be involved with your school.
  • If you like to wake up early, practices start at 6:00 in the morning.
Here are some things that could be considered a challenge...

  • You have to wake up BEFORE 6:00.
  • You have to pay $20 for the Athletics attire.


The purpose of U.I.L is to achieve higher academic standards in the subject(s) you prefer. Here are a few reasons to participate in U.I.L. Please read the following:

  • You can make friends.
  • You get to better your knowledge of that particular subject(s).
  • You may discover new interests.
  • This is a chance to be competitive.
Here are some things that may be considered a challenge...

  • You may get nervous before you compete.
  • There may be some travel expanses.


The purpose of basketball is to practice good life values, like working on a team. A couple of reasons to join basketball are...

  • Basketball betters your hand-eye coordination.
  • It's a very good workout.
  • It gets you in shape.
  • It's a fun way to spend time with friends.
Here are some things that could be considered challenges...

  • There may be challenge expanses.
  • You could get hurt.

Bible Study

The purpose of Bible Study is to create a stronger relationship with God. A couple reasons to join are...

  • You can make friends.
  • You can find an interest in God.
  • You get to learn more about Jesus.
  • Fellowship
A challenge you may face is...

  • You may not be able to be there on time.