Red River ox cart

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • It could carry 1000 pounds
  • The cart was buoyant
  • The cart contained no iron (nails, brackets, etc)
  • It could be easily repaired


  • Was very noisey
  • It would break at least a dozen axles in one trip
  • Not very safe

Important stuff

The nickname for the cart was "The North West Fiddler" because the wheels made it sound like an untuned violin. The inventor of the oxcart isent known but its credited to Alexander Henry, JR. They used squished little froggys between the wheels so that it wouldent squel.
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Ox carts carts used to only be made by wood and hide from animals, but since the early 1900's they started using iron for the axles and iron on the wheels.
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Red River Carts