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OneDrive - Death to the H Drive and the ShareDrive

Is your H drive getting full? Is the only way you collaborate and share with your teammates on the share drive? Did you lose files when the share drive corrupted? Do you wish you had easier access at home to documents? Have you ever lost a flash drive? Do you not own Microsoft Office at home? OneDrive solves ALL of these issues and more!

here's how it works

How Can I Use This in My Classroom?

Use OneDrive to streamline your teaching and encourage student technology use:

  • Place lesson plans here and share them with the team. Everyone can edit - even simultaneously, and plans are accessible at home.
  • Begin moving your H drive material here - you have more storage space!
  • Students can share and collaborate - great for group projects (no need to get to someone's house).
  • Edit everything online - live editing, no need to save - it saves automatically, and you have full access to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint whether you own it or not.
  • Students can create and share with you or instantly access their email to send a product to you.