Kawerongo Newsletter 8 2022

Te Rōhutu Whio 30th May 2022

Kia ora e te whānau

We are so excited to welcome our new tamariki and wow, they are settling in so fast! It is ātaahua beautiful to see older ākonga learners and younger ones playing together during our Wā Manaaki (caring for ourselves and others break times).

We will welcome our new whānau at the Mihi Whakatau advertised further down in this newsletter. We had a few whānau who were sick last time so please join us if you missed out.

We loved the rangatiratanga leadership that our basketballers showed at the Zones Tournament. They showed fair play and manaakitanga on the court and in their last game, lost by one point in a fiercely contested game!

There are some great initiatives going on in learning spaces. One example is the Te Rōhutu Whio Bakery where tamariki are in charge of writing new recipes and testing them. They are also responsible for the budget and are learning some tricky mathematical concepts through this.

Our pink shirt day was fun and we want to remind you to speak to your tamariki about speaking to their teachers and never going home on a problem. This way we can sort challenges early on.

I know as a parent at times I’ve felt like I was being a “pain” by doing this and sometimes haven’t spoken up for my children. Now that they are teenagers I wish that I had. Your child’s whānau teacher and the leadership team will never, ever consider anything as “too little or precious to bring up” as it’s so important for your child’s learning that they feel happy and relaxed at Te Rōhutu Whio.

Kia pai te rā. Enjoy your day.

Kate Morgan

Kaihautū Principal

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Matariki Celebration - Save the Date!

We are so looking forward to hosting our whānau at our Matariki parakuihi breakfast celebration on Tāite Thursday 23rd June from 7am. Please pop this date in your diary.

As a part of this celebration we are going to create a whānau tūpuna wall that shows photos of the people that are most special to us, past or present. Please could you have a think about a photo that you would like to share. More information will be coming from whānau teachers in the coming weeks.

Mihi Whakatau - 9th June 2022

We are excited to be welcoming our next cohort of new entrant tamariki in wiki week 6.

Our new tamariki and their whānau, and any other new ākonga learners who have started at Te Rōhutu Whio since our Mihi Whakatau in wiki week 1 of this term will be welcomed at our Mihi Whakatau on Thursday 9th June at 9am. Any whānau who were unable to join us at our event at the beginning of the term are also warmly invited.

Te Taumutu Plant-out Day - 14th June

Te Rōhutu Whio has been invited by Te Taumutu Rūnanga to engage with Whakaora Te Waikēkēwai, a five year project that will restore a whole catchment along Te Waikēkēwai, which flows into Te Waihora. The project will result in an improvement to water quality, mahinga kai and indigenous biodiversity.

The Kids Discovery Plant-out programme is an opportunity for ākonga learners to take action to plant habitat for wildlife. Te Ara Kākāriki works alongside public and private landowners in Selwyn District to find opportunities for tamariki to engage with natural spaces.

Our ākonga in Te Korowhio (Hākui Sammy and Matua Steve) and Te Pakiaka (Whaea Maggie and Whaea Viv) will be heading out to Ngāti Moki marae at Taumutu on Tūrei Tuesday 14th June (postponement date Tūrei Tuesday 21st June) to participate in this amazing opportunity. Please mark your calendars, more information will be coming home from whānau teachers in the coming weeks.

Te Ara Ātea Matariki Experience - 21st June

On Tūrei Tuesday 21st June, our ākonga in Te Kiri (Whaea Katie, Hākui Siobhan and Hākui Katherine) will be spending the day exploring Matariki through art and stories at Te Ara Ātea, Rolleston's new library space.

Please mark your calendars, more information will be coming home from whānau teachers in the coming weeks.

Poitūkohu Basketball

On Tuesday 24th May, we had our first zones tournament for Te Rōhutu Whio. We had 6 tamariki participate in the Selwyn Basketball Zones tournament.

The team were full of excitement as we headed out to our first tournament after a number of training and practices. All team members showed rangatiratanga, kotahitanga and manaakitanga through every game. We are so super proud of Karanveer, Liam, Jayson, Hunter, Manawa and Swastik for the great sportsmanship you all demonstrated and perseverance working together as a fantastic basketball team.

We would also like to say a big ngā mihi thank you to Hunter’s cousin Zane and Quinney and Tony from Rolleston College who gave up their time to help coach our team.

Kauhoe Swimming

All tamariki will be kauhoe swimming in wiki weeks 5 and 6 in Term 2.

If you haven't already, please fill in this form asap to let the swimming pool know about your child's swimming ability. https://forms.gle/gCazFqWFSdaGmBU66

Please check that your tamaiti child has togs and goggles suitable for wearing in the pool. Naming all items of clothing is very helpful. Please also ensure you have given permission for your tamaiti to attend swimming by clicking yes in the Hero app - the swimming ability form is for the swimming instructors and we do not have access to this.

The kauhoe swimming donation is $51.50 per child which can now be paid through the Kindo app. This covers the buses and the cost for the swimming instructors.

Ngā mihi

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If you, or anyone you know, have a child who will be starting at Te Rōhutu Whio either this year or next year, can you please fill in the enrolment form on our website. This helps us with planning for our future growth.


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Lost Property

We are finding some lost property without names in it, that we are unable to return to its owner. Please check that all of your child’s items are named clearly.
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New books

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Clothing Donations Please

Play time outside can be great fun, but can lead to students getting wet or dirty over during the outside activities. At the moment we do not have any spare clothes to offer the children to change into so we are asking if you have clean and tidy clothing items that your tamariki no longer have a use for, we would really appreciate them especially shorts, trousers and polo tops. Please ask your tamariki to bring them into the office - Ngā mihi

Lunch Orders at Te Rōhutu Whio

Lunch orders are available for ākonga learners at Te Rōhutu Whio on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Subway - order by 9:00am Tuesday

Sushi Factory- order by 9:00am Wednesday

Pita Pita - order by 9:00am Friday

Visit www.ezlunch.co.nz to order or sign up as a new account

Wātaka Calendar

  • Kauhoe Swimming - 30th May - 10th June 2022
  • Mihi Whakatau - 9th June 2022 - 9am
  • Te Taumutu Plant-out Day - Tūrei Tuesday 14th June 2022
  • Te Taumutu Plant-out Day postponement - Tūrei Tuesday 21st June 2022
  • Te Ara Ātea - Matariki experience - Tūrei Tuesday 21st June 2022
  • Matariki Parakuihi Breakfast Celebration - Tāite Thursday 23rd June 2022 - 7am
  • Matariki - Friday 24th June - school closed
  • Kanohi ki te kanohi personalised learning meetings - 8th July 2022
  • Term 2 Ends - 8th July 2022

Community Notices

Singing Stars Selwyn

Singing and piano lessons are available at Te Rōhutu Whio

Group singing - $11.50 for a 30 minute session

Individual singing - $19.50 per 30 minute private tuition

Piano lessons - $18.50 per 20 minute private tuition

For further information or registration, please contact Jacqui Soper, Singing Stars Selwyn