Character Analysis:

Bob Marley

Make Way For The Positive Day, 'Cause It's News (New Day) - News And Days -


This song means when you listen to it you can feel to the beat and just be on your own vibe doing what you got to do to stay concentrated on what you are doing. Also when you are bored and want to jam to something to hype you up you can listen to this song and just jam to it so that you can enjoy it.

I Want Peace

Bob Marley wants peace and wants everyone to be equal with each other. I want peace with no arguments just peace and jam to peaceful songs chill also wants everyone to have a peaceful life and enjoy life as it is and do whatever it is to do in life.

Dear Bob Marley

I want you to know that you're songs are peaceful and I enjoy listening to them when I need to calm down, you are very inspirational to me and that I try hard to act calm and have a peaceful life. I listen to your songs when I am peaceful I also listen to your songs to enjoy my vibe and go with the flow. Wish you could've made more peaceful songs so that I can jam to them more often.