The Wave

By Karissa Gonzales

Intro to The Wave

World War ll was a horrible time. A group of Germans (Nazis),who were led by Adolf Hitler, persecuted the Jews and killed them. The Wave is about a school occurance in Palo Alto, California. The school gets caught up in a movement that started in a single classroom. When the Wave goes to far a history teacher, Ben Ross, tries to stop it. Can he stop it? Read The Wave.  

About the Book

One day, Ben Ross, a history teacher at Gordon High School, shows his class a movie on Nazi Germany. After the movie, Amy Smith questions why the Germans could follow such a terrible man. Not knowing the answer, Ben creates the Wave. The Wave makes everyone equal, includes a motto and salute, and gives strict rules. Soon it spreads to the whole school. Students get in fights about who will or will not join the Wave. Laurie Saunders and David Collins are the only ones to realize what it would become. Will history repeat itself? Find out in... The Wave. 

Other Forms of Media

The Wave was made into a motion picture film in 1981 on ABC.