Is That Vanilla I Smell

The Ponderos Pine


Also known as the, blackjack pine, bull pine, or western yellow pine.

The symbol of Montana

Scientific Name: Pinus ponderosa

Discovered by David Douglas In 1826 close to what is now Spokane, Washington


The Ponderosa pine has no flower so it is therefore categorized as a gymnosperm

I Think I See One


The ponderosa pine is a huge factor in the lodging business on the western states. Widely loved for its durability and look it is in the homes of many people around the world.
The ponderosa is the home o the Flathead burrower a worm with a flat head and only an opening for its teeth to carve tunnels under the bark. This is a big problem for ponderosa pines especially in the early years of development a Flathead burrower can destroy a ponderosa and stunt its growth dramatically