The Earth's Layer's

By Ashleigh Melinda Hester


-The earths age is 4.54 years old.

- Sedimentary rocks are extremely important resources that give us clues about the Earths past.

- a organic rock has limestone and coal.

- A igneous rock has over 600 different types of rocks.

- The word igneous comes from Latin in the word Fire.

- The oldest rock is in Canada

- sedimentary rocks include rocks such as limestone, sandstone, mudstone, greywacke, chalk, coal, claystone

What happens to a rock in a million years?

A cooling effect is what happened about 800 million years after the earth formed that allowed for rocks to form. It is said that it was originally a star which is hot and masses formed upon the cooling.

Layers of the Earth

The 3 basic Rocks :




Igneous Rock

Igneous rocks are formed when the magma cools down underneath the ground and becomes into a solid structure. There are 2 types of igneous rocks Basalt and Granite ect...

What do they look like?

Igneous rocks have a look that the rock it self has many holes in it and tend to be brown or different colors.

Where can you find Igneous Rocks?

Igneous rocks can be found in places where there are volcano activity. It can be found from the magma that erupts form the volcano.


Metamorphic rocks are formed by pressure and heat. The pressure causes the rock to be derived from the earth’s crust on the earth’s crust pushing against each other. It could also be formed deep inside the earth’s crust caused by high temperatures and pressure.

Where can Metamorphic rocks be found?

Metamorphic rocks can be found deep under the earth's crust or above the surface of the earth.

What do Metamorphic rocks look like?

Metamorphic Rocks look like a plain rock but they have so much detail to them with alot of crystals showing with shine brought to it.


Sedimentary Rocks are made from compacting of sediments example dead skeletons, dead plants, minerals,clay, sand and etc.The Rocks are then formed from these layers compacting against each other.

Where can Sedimentary rocks be found?

Sedimentary Rock can be found on the bottom of water such as Rivers and The bottom of the ocean.

How do they look like?

Sedimentary rocks look like a rock full of mixtures. Its really hard to tell due to it always changes but it usually have different layers of mixtures.

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