Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation

Franklin D Roosevelt

The Attack

On December 7 1941 the attack on pearl Harbor was a surprise military attack against the United States Naval Base. The base was attacked by 353 Japanese fighter planes, bombers, and torpedo planes. The Japanese damaged all 8 of the navy ships but only sunk 4.
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The Confusion of the Nation

After the attack the Nation was unsure about what had happened, since it was a surprise attack the United States was not prepared. There was a moment of panic because no one knew what to do. This was a point in time where the nation needed some courage and redirection.

Franklin D Roosevelt speaks to the Nation

President Franklin D Roosevelt, the day after the attack, (December 8 1941) gave one of the most historic speeches of all time. This speech is also referred to as the Infamy Speech because he stated that "...yesterday is a day that will live in infamy...". He used this speech to answer a lot of questions that people had about the attack, and he showed his strength and courage in this speech by declaring war against Japan.
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