Oh The Places You'll Go

Zitzman 411- Week of December 4, 2017

What's Happening This Week:

Monday: A Day. Math Vertical Team.

Tuesday: B Day. ELA Vertical Team. Scott Kovis Tech Day. Tornado & Fire Drill 2:30.

Wednesday: C Day. Fundraiser Assembly @ 9a.m. Early Dismissal@ 1:10.

Thursday: D Day. 9:15AM Admin Council.

Friday: A Day.

Developing the Innovator's Mindset: What makes a master teacher?

The term "master teacher" seems to get thrown around a lot, but is something that many educators aspire to be. In my ten years in the field of education, I would say that the definition of "master teacher" has definitely changed. When I think of a master teacher, here are the qualities that I would suggest they have:

1. Connects with kids first -For all students to excel, teachers must learn about them and connect with each child. This is not just about finding out how they learn, but it is finding out who they are. It is essential that we get to know our students, learn their passions, and help them find out how we can engage them in their own learning. If you are not able to do this as a teacher, the following characteristics will be moot,

6. Focuses on learning goals as opposed to performance goals - Reading "Drive" by Dan Pink, he talks about the difference between performance and learning goals. A performance goal would be similar to having students wanting to receive an "A" in french where a learning goal would be a student wanting to become fluent in the language. Many students are smart enough that they know how to meet the objectives of a rubric and still not grow much in their learning. A master teacher sets the goals based on learning not on receiving a grade. This type of assessment is not about understanding what a students knows and reporting on it, but it is a tool used for learning.

7. Ensures that "character education" is an essential part of learning - Character education is just as relevant, if not more so, than any learning objectives set out in a curriculum. We live in a world where collaboration is vital to success and working with others is an important skill. Working with students to teach the fundamentals of respecting others and being able to listen and learn from others is vital. Students can have the smartest understanding of objectives but not have the ability to share these ideas with others in a respectful way or take the time to listen to other ideas. A master teacher ensures that students not only grow mentally in class, but also emotionally.

These are the characteristics that I believe make a master teacher. I definitely know that as an administrator these are ideals as a teacher leader that I work towards everyday and want to embody. The one thing that I do know is that my learning is nowhere near complete and I can still grow. Learning from you, what areas do you think I missed on this list? I would love to hear your thoughts as I continue to grow.

These were just a few out of the 10 I wanted to highlight... if you are curious of the others follow this link:

PBL Warm-Up:

So, now that everyone has had their fair share of Turkey, I guess it's officially Christmas season. That means that the stores will start to get crowded, and strange toys like "Hatchimals" and "Fingerling Monkeys" will begin flying off of the shelves.

That got me thinking: What makes a great toy? Students will tackle this question in this exercise as they become toy designers trying to figure out what new toy will take the country by storm. They will review the history of toys over the past century, including the major sensations (from "Tickle Me Elmo!" to Zhu-Zhu Pets to Silly Bands). They'll also take a look at how toys are changing and what to expect in the future. Here's the link: http://www.pblproject.com/page.aspx?pageid=PBL-ww-Toys-2017

Grade Level PLC's Cycle of Growth

Week 1 ELA Focus- (Week of Dec. 4th) ELA Data Review. Compare ELA Benchmark data from last year and predict how students will score on the MOY. What steps are you taking to ensure your tier 2 and tier 3 have grown this year?

Week 2 English Language Learners & Behavior Interventions

Week 3 Math Focus

Week 4 RtI with Mrs. Flexsenhar

Week 5 Positive Pop-Ins

Counselor's Corner

The past two weeks Student Learning Objectives have been centered around expectations and coping strategies. For example:

Language to use: Habit 1 - Proactive vs Reactive

Stop and think: This is the perfect time to use Coping Strategies:

  1. Freeze
  2. Think
  3. Breathe
  4. Count & Press
  5. Walk Away

*Bonus: You are responsible for your actions. No one can make you do anything. Your actions are your choice.

This week students will learn how to use ABC Problem-Solving.

Next week - Children's Advocacy Center guest speakers: Schedules will be posted ASAP.