A Raisin Of The Sun

Compare & Contrast

Joshua Davon Yates / Isaam Abdelalhaleem Period 2

Thesis Statement. this play show the attainability of the American dream because when Walter mom bought a home in the white village and MR. Linder said I am sorry that you have to move to your race village .

Theme Analysis

It's a good movie better than the book because it's different than the book the house they bought were in a white neighborhood and the owner the guy sell the house told them to move as they at they're neighborhood and safer for them.

Man Versus Man

Walter was angry because mama bought a new house and they don't enough money paid they house they live in.


Walter and Linder got to an argument about the house they bought Linder wants to buy the house from Walter.
A Raisin In The Sun - All Of It


Walter and Ruth got into an argument that Ruth said why are you so picky that Walter doesn't want no more to move to the new house.

Mama wants the family to be good and live happy everyone and move on with life