CALL FOR NOMINATIONS. Not later than April 15, 2017. Announcement of Selection: April 30, 2017

It is ACURIL’s interest to stimulate and stand out the highest performance
of information units in the Caribbean, members of the organization;
to increase the visibility of their initiatives in the region;
and to recognize the excellence of services rendered.

Deadline to submit nominations for Acurilean institutions,
is April 15 of each year to:
ACURILEAN AWARDS, Executive Secretariat Headquarters,

Announcements will be made on April 30, 2017

Awards will be bestowed at ACURIL 2017 PUERTO RICO,
on the Red Carpet Evening,

Closing Ceremony and Banquet, Thursday, 8 June 2017,

at the Condado Plaza Hilton Hotel, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

ACURIL stimulates all its members to actively participate in this program.


The Stephney Ferguson Library Programs for Special Community Information Needs Award. ACURIL President ‘s Award

Description. To recognize and distinguish a school, public or national library in the Caribbean, which has demonstrated excellence of service providing a program to satisfy special community information needs. This special ACURIL Award was established by Jamaican Past President Stephney Ferguson in 2000, in her interest to stimulate the development of information programs to special clienteles, and the offering of innovative outreach programmes to help build informed communities in the region. ACURIL rejoices in naming this distinction The Stephney Ferguson Library Programs for Special Information Needs Award. Nature of the Award: A plaque and citation.

Innovative Cooperative Initiatives in the Caribbean.. The OCLC Award.

Description. To recognize and distinguish a school, academic, public or national library for an innovative initiative that leverages cooperation in the planning and implementation of a program or service - ideally using technology- for the benefit of its employees, users or community. Nature of the Award: A plaque and citation. Nomination form:

Leadership in the Use of New Information Technologies to Expand and Facilitate Access to Serials Content Award. EBSCO Information Services Award

Description. To recognize and distinguish a school, academic, public or national library for its innovative, creative and effective achievement in planning and implementing a program or service with serial publications, using information technologies, for the benefit of its clientele. Nature of the Award: A plaque, a special prize and citation.

Leadership in the Development of the Organization of Information Programs. Mandarin Library Automation Award

Description. To recognize and distinguish a school, academic, public or national library for its innovative, creative and effective achievement in the planning and development of the organization of information program or service, for the benefit of its clientele, using information technologies. Nature of the Award: A plaque and citation.

The Albertina Pérez de Rosa Information Units Alliances and Collaborative Projects in the Caribbean. ACURIL Puerto Rico Chapter Award

Description. To recognize and honor the excellent performance of alliance and collaborative efforts of information units as communities of practice, or by private enterprises, at the local or regional areas, evidenced through the implementation of successful information projects for the benefit of their clienteles in the Caribbean. Dr. Albertina Pérez de Rosa (RIP), Puerto Rican Librarian, at the José M. Lázaro Library, University of Puerto Rico; second ACURIL Past President in 1971, distinguished herself promoting interlibrary collaboration in the Caribbean region. Nature of the Award: A plaque and citation.


Applicants for the award must meet the following criteria:

1. Well defined program, in terms of goals and objectives and addresses the particular description of the Award.

2. Innovation and creativity elements are observed in strategies used within the program design and implementation to better serve the specific clientele in relation to the particular Award.

3. The impact on the particular clientele served is evidenced by the outcome observed.

4. The project evidences that it can serve as a model with potential to be adapted by other libraries and information units.


Participants must elaborate and submit a Microsoft Word document with the following parts.

Part A:
1. Application Cover Sheet with the following information:

1.1 Title of the Category

1.2 Name of the Institution (Library or Information Unit) being nominated

1.3 Local Address (City, Country, Zip code)

1.4 Telephone ; Fax

1.5 e-mail ; Webpage (if any)

1.6 Names of two (2) ACURIL members submitting the nomination; local addresses; telephone numbers ; fax; e-mails

Part B. Abstract

Brief abstract describing the program, double space (not more than two -2- pages).

Part C. Program Description. Please do not exceed 10 total pages, double spaced, typed

preferably in word processor, using Microsoft word, at least 12 point type, with the following elements:

1. Briefly describe the Library or Information Unit

2. Goals and Objectives. Describe the goals and objectives for the library’s or any other information units’ special program

3. Program Design and Implementation

4. Innovative and Creative Strategies Used in the Program

5. Achievements (Describe outcomes and impact; and elements that evidence Effectiveness and Success. Include photos, in color, high resolution, jpg format)

6. Evaluation of the Program. Describe elements of assessment. Include in appendix an evaluation instrument, if available.

7. Describe how the Program can be replicated by other library and information unit

Part D. Appendices (that might contribute to the presentation)


. 1.The application and all supporting documents, one original, with one copy (in paper), and one(1) copy as electronic document – by e-mail attachment, must be received at the ACURIL’s Executive Secretariat. ADDRESSED TO: ACURIL AWARDS [YEAR], Executive Secretariat , c/o P.O. Box 23317, UPR Station, San Juan, P.R.00931-

2. In years where there are a number of outstanding applications, two entries may be given meritorious mention.

3. All Awards will be bestowed at the ACURILEAN EVENING OF AWARDS Ceremony to be held at the Closing event, on the last day of ACURIL’s annual conference.

Nomination Form

Submission and Deadline: The deadline for submission will be April 15 of each year.

Category (Please, select one of the above):_________________________________________________________________

Name of Institution nominated: _____________________________________________
(Must be an ACURIL member in good standing)

Local Address: ___________________________________________________________

Employed by:____________________________________________________________



Telephone No.:( )_______________________ ______________________________

Fax ( )_______________________________________________________________


Nominated by 2 ACURIL Members:

First Name:______________________________________________________________

Last Name: _____________________________________________________________




Telephone:( )_____________________________________________________________

Second Name and surname::_______________________________________________________________




Telephone:( )_____________________________________________________________

Date of Nomination_________________________________________________________

Kindly SUBMIT documentation to : ACURILEAN AWARDS, Executive Secretariat Headquarters,

Thank you!

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