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FROM THE OFFICE OF STEPHANIE HUBBARD: Advance Notice of Pending Changes

Panther Families,

Kudos to the Iowa-Grant community for all of the great collaboration and extra effort that has been put forth in order to make educating students very positive during this pandemic. It has been challenging for everyone, but parents, staff, and students have buckled down and taken herculean steps to make IGSD continue to run semi-smoothly despite a lot of turbulence. My concern is that something has to give. One does not run a marathon at the pace of a 100 meter sprint. Our staff started the year at a sprint convincing themselves and their loved ones that this was needed to start the year off right and get students on the right track. As September turns into October, everybody is still sprinting.

The pace is not maintainable. Through a process of hearing from leadership, getting additional information from all staff, and meeting with the ad hoc reopening committee; a plan has been developed. Starting on October 23rd, the Friday early dismissal time will be moved up to 12:00 PM. Students will be given time to eat their school lunch prior to dismissal.

We are also adding November 23, 24, and December 11 as professional days. This will give students a full five days off Thanksgiving week, and an additional Friday in December. We believe these days will prove to be beneficial for our teachers and students, so we're looking at adding a Friday off each month for the remainder of the school year.

The IG community has been phenomenal! It is obvious that educating our students is the common goal. People are stepping up to help one another when the burden is too great or a health situation arises. I trust this adjustment to support our educators will be met with the same understanding. I believe that this added professional time will help our teachers so that they can better support our students.

If you have time, send me a quick email or note sharing your appreciation of our educators' efforts during this challenging time. I will happily share those with our staff. If you have differing thoughts about these changes, I would also like to hear from you.


Stephanie Hubbard

Stephanie Hubbard, Superintendent, Iowa Grant School District

Office: 608-943-6311 ext 3018 Email:

From Iowa County Health Department, Emergency Management, and the Iowa County School Districts

September 25, 2020

Dear Iowa County Families,

We hope that this letter finds you well and that the start of the school year has been successful. As a follow-up to our previous correspondence from August 21, 2020, available here, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued support and to provide you with an update as it relates to our collective efforts to ensure the safety and well being of our students, staff, and communities.

On September 22, 2020, “Gov. Tony Evers declared a new public health emergency in Wisconsin due to a recent surge in cases among young people and issued a new face coverings order effective immediately. Executive Order #90 is available here. Emergency Order #1 is available here. Both orders are effective immediately and will expire after sixty days (November 21, 2020) or with a subsequent superseding order. The governor previously declared a public health emergency under Executive Order #82, which remains in effect.”

As a collective group, the school districts of Iowa County continue to meet regularly, share information and experiences, and examine data as it relates to COVID-19 in our communities. Several schools have already experienced situations that required a change to their instructional delivery models. These are never easy decisions to make, but through our efforts, we were able to address these situations swiftly and to learn from each other.

The Iowa County Health Department, Emergency Management, and the Iowa County School Districts are committed to working together so that we can provide great educational experiences with an emphasis on safety and well-being for all. We encourage you to assist us by engaging in best practices - maintain social distancing, wear face coverings, practice healthy hand hygiene, and be responsible. Please help us in sharing this message with friends and neighbors. Thank you in advance for your continued support and we wish you the very best.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. - Helen Keller

Joseph Price, Barneveld School District Superintendent

Keith Hurlbert, Iowa County Emergency Management Director

Paul Weber, Dodgeville School District Superintendent

Debbie Siegenthaler, Iowa County Health Department Director

Stephanie Hubbard, Iowa-Grant Superintendent

Wisconsin School Board Week October 4-10, 2020

This special week is a time to build awareness and understanding of the vital function an elected board of education plays in our communities. Thank you Iowa-Grant School Board for your service. Thank you:

  • Renee Linscheid (PRESIDENT)
  • Don Rider (VICE-PRESIDENT)
  • Kristin Spurley (CLERK)
  • Greg Anderson (TREASURER)
  • Fred DiVall
  • Jessica Munson
  • Chad Vivian

Strong Boards, Strong Schools, Strong Communities!


IGSD is able to offer FREE breakfast and lunch until the end of 2020 or until the USDA funds run out.

Meal Pick up for Virtual Students

The USDA has extended the Summer Food Program until December 31st, 2020 or until USDA funds run out. Meals are free for children in the Iowa-Grant communities for ages 18 and under. When the program ends, meals will be available for purchase through Iowa-Grant Food Service. Free meals are available for all students in school and all virtual students.

We ask that you fill out the form three days prior to receiving meals and you can add your students at any time. Please fill out the form even if you are already receiving meals. You will begin picking up meals on Thursday October 1st (if you are already receiving meals you will still pick up on Monday and any new families will start on Thursday).

We will be offering a pick up twice a week for all of our IGEMS and IGHS virtual families. Pick up times will be Monday from 2-2:30pm and Thursday from 2-2:30pm. You will receive 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches for each student at each pick up. Pick ups will be at the IGEMS main entrance for all students.

If you have any questions please contact Barb Hugill at 608-943-6311 ext 3013 or

If you no longer wish to receive meals, please contact Danielle Hasburgh at 608-943-6311 ext 1054 or


FREE Dental Program

Seals-On-Wheels Oral Health Program will be providing FREE dental care at your child’s school during the 2020-21 school year. All students are eligible to participate in this free program that provides dental screenings, cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatments by a registered dental hygienist. Students of all ages can benefit from this dental program. Seals-On-Wheels will examine your child’s teeth and provide oral hygiene instruction. These preventative services are conveniently provided during the school day with minimal disruption to your child’s class schedule, plus your child receives a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and a letter to parents. To sign up or learn more, please visit your school’s office for a permission form or you can register online at

The hygienist will be at Iowa Grant Oct. 7-13, 2020. Please contact the school for a consent form if you would like your child(ren) to receive these services this school year or you can register online.

Additional program info at
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Health Department

303 W. Chapel St. /Suite 2200/Dodgeville, WI 53533

Phone: (608) 930-9870/Fax: (608) 937-0501

Fall 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Iowa County Health Department is working with your school district to provide influenza (flu) vaccine to your student(s) this fall. Flu shots are available for school-age children 4 -18 years old. Funding is provided by the Wisconsin Emergency Preparedness Program and the Wisconsin Immunization Program as part of a mass immunization exercise.

· Flu vaccine is FREE for all students ages 4-18 yrs., no insurance information is needed

· Flu vaccine will be injectable only

Due to COVID-19, the Iowa County Health Department will not be administering flu shots at school this year. Instead, we will be holding drive-thru flu clinics at the Health and Human Services Building located at 303 W. Chapel St. in Dodgeville.

Appointments are required.

Call (608) 930-9870 to schedule on the following Saturdays:

Saturday, October 10th - 9:30 - NOON

Saturday, October 17th - 9:30 - NOON

NOTE: Please try to arrive for your child’s drive-up appointment no more than 5 minutes before their appointment time. Children will stay in the car for this appointment if able however, a chair will be provided if a vaccine is needed to be given outside your vehicle. Please refrain from coming to the clinic if you or your children are ill and have everyone in your vehicle wear a mask. Remember to have your child wear clothing that will allow us to have easy access to an upper arm/shoulder. You will be asked to wait for 15 minutes after your child’s injection.


Debbie Siegenthaler RN, MSN

Director/Health Officer

Iowa County Health Department

303 W Chapel St | Dodgeville, WI 53533 | Ph: 608.930.9870

Iowa-Grant High School

IGHS Calendar of Events

10/1 - 4:00 PM Cross Country: Varsity Meet vs Multiple Schools @ Boscobel High School

10/1 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: Freshman vs Mineral Point (Home)

10/1 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: JV vs Mineral Point (Home)

10/1 - 7:15 PM Volleyball: Varsity vs Mineral Point (Home)

10/1 - 7:30 PM Cross Country: Varsity Meet vs Multiple Schools @ Boscobel High School

10/2 - 7:00 PM Football: Varsity vs Hillsboro (Home)

10/3 - 8:00 AM Volleyball: Girls Varsity Quad vs Multiple Schools @ Waterloo High School

10/3 - 9:00 AM Volleyball: Girls Freshman Triangular vs Multiple Schools (IGEMS, North Gym)

10/3 - 9:00 AM Volleyball: Girls JV Triangular vs Multiple Schools (IGEMS, South Gym)

10/5 - 5:00 PM Football: JV Game vs Mineral Point (Away)

10/6 - 4:30 PM Cross Country: Varsity Triangular vs Multiple Schools (Home)

10/6 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: Freshman Match vs TBD @ TBD

10/6 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: JV Match vs TBD @ TBD

10/6 - 7:00 PM Volleyball: Varsity Match vs TBD @ TBD

10/8 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: Freshman Match vs TBD @ TBD

10/8 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: JV Match vs TBD @ TBD

10/8 - 7:00 PM Volleyball: Varsity Match vs TBD @ TBD

10/9 - 7:00 PM Football: Varsity Game vs Highland (Home) - Homecoming

10/10 - 8:30 AM Cross Country: Varsity Invitational vs Multiple Schools @ Riverdale

10/10 - 9:00 AM Volleyball: Varsity Match vs Multiple Schools @ Richland Center High School

10/12 - 5:30 PM Football: JV Game vs Highland (Away)

10/12 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: Freshman Match vs Lancaster (Away)

10/12 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: JV Match vs Lancaster (Away)

10/12 - 7:00 PM Volleyball: Varsity vs Lancaster (Away)

10/15 - 4:00 PM Cross Country: Varsity Conference Meet vs Multiple Schools @ Boscobel

10/15 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: Freshman Dual vs Waterloo (IGEMS)

10/15 - 5:45 PM Volleyball: JV Dual vs Waterloo (Home)

10/15 - 7:15 PM Volleyball: Girls Varsity Match vs Waterloo (Home)

10/16 - 7:00 PM Football: Varsity Game vs Luther High School (Away)

10/20 - 7:00 PM Volleyball: Varsity Regional vs TBD @ TBD

10/22 - 7:00 PM Volleyball: Varsity Regional vs TBD @ TBD

10/23 - 7:00 PM Football: Varsity Game vs Potosi/Cassville (Away)

10/24 - Cross Country: Varsity Sectionals vs TBD @ TBD

10/24 - 7:00 PM Volleyball: Varsity Regional vs TBD @ TBD

10/26 - 5:30 PM Football: JV Game vs Potosi/Cassville (Home)

10/27 - Virtual 93rd FFA Convention & Expo

10/27 - 7:00 PM MS/HS Fall Concert @ IGHS

10/28 - Virtual 93rd FFA Convention & Expo

10/29 - Virtual 93rd FFA Convention & Expo

10/29 - 7:00 PM Volleyball: Varsity Sectionals vs TBD @ TBD

10/30 - 7:00 PM Football: Varsity Game vs Pecatonica/Argyle (Home)

10/31 - All Day - Cross Country: Varsity State Tournaments vs TBD @ TBD

10/31 - 7:00 PM - Volleyball: Varsity Sectionals vs TBD @ TBD


Dress Up Days are:

Monday - Pajama Day

Tuesday - Jersey Day

Wednesday - Dynamic Duo Day

Thursday - Print Day (Freshman - Polka Dots, Sophomores - Camo, Juniors - Stripes, Seniors - Plaid, and Staff- Animal)

Friday - Spirit Day


I wanted to remind everyone of our expectations and share a couple of documents that will help during this journey.

Virtual Learning Expectations:

  1. Students need to join Google Meet each day for each of their classes. Students should follow their class schedule just as if they were in person. Students should be ready to join at least 5 minutes before the start of a class.

  2. Attendance will be taken each day and during each class period.

  3. Truancy procedures still apply to virtual learning.

  4. Parents should follow the same attendance reporting procedures as if your son/daughter were attending in-person. If students will not be attending for illness or appointments, please contact the school attendance line or contact Ms. Pelton in the high school office. It is always good to keep your teachers informed as well.

  5. Students should stay on Google Meet until their teacher dismisses them, or the class finishes at the end of the hour.

  6. Students should have on their camera and mute their microphone unless speaking.

  7. Students should be in a quiet environment where they can focus on their class.

  8. Students should make sure their computers are charged and use headphones if they have them.

  9. Students should be focused, attentive, and be an active participant in the class.

  10. All electronic devices other than the student’s school-issued computer should be turned off or on silent.

  11. Students do not need to attend Encore time. Encore is a “study hall” time for students, and attendance is not required unless your teacher requests your presence to check up on work.

  12. Your teacher will communicate with you when it comes time for assessments like quizzes and tests. If you would like to come into the building to take these assessments, we can plan for that. Otherwise, we are requesting that parents ensure a neutral learning environment and supervision. This process is critical to ensure the validity of the assessments for all. Furthermore, we require all assessments to be taken on our school issued device.

  13. Students are responsible for all work assigned to them and will need to turn that work in by the required due date. The only exceptions would be if a prior arrangement were worked out with the teacher.

  14. Virtual pick up and drop off will be every Monday. Please call or email Ms. Pelton to verify that your Virtual Student has material to pick up.

A/B Day Calendar and School Bell Schedule: Link

Expectations chart: Link

Mr. Gotto

High School Principal

Iowa-Grant Home Events Streamed for FREE

All Iowa-Grant Home Events this year in High School Gym, South IGEMS Gym, and coming soon..the Crull Memorial Football Field will be live streamed for FREE on the NFHS Network.

All you have to do...go to www.

1. Create a login account.

2. After you login, Type in “Iowa-Grant” in the top search bar.

3. Upcoming events and times will be displayed.

4. Choose the event you’d like to watch.

It is for free for Iowa-Grant live streamed events and to view archived I-G events from Sept.19th, 2020 and on.

It is just that simple! Enjoy watching Iowa-Grant events safely from your home. Go Panthers!!!

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Senior Graduating Class of 2021:

This letter is to inform you about the IMPORTANT DEADLINES regarding senior photos, and senior parent messages for the school year. Listed below are dates to remember so you can mark your calendars in advance.

November 1: The LAST day to turn in SENIOR PHOTOS

You must submit a vertical image. The yearbook staff reserves the right to refuse your image if it is inappropriate, so please make sure you make good choices and use good judgment with your submissions. Please provide us with a jpg that is 300 dpi. We will accept your image one of two ways:

1. You or your photographer may email the photo to me at (This is the preferred method.)

2. Drop off a CD or a jump drive to Mrs. Rosemeyer. Please write your first and last name on the CD.

**Please schedule your photography session as soon as possible while the weather is beautiful and the outdoor colors are glorious!

November 1: The LAST day to turn in Senior Parent Messages

Placing a senior parent message is a fabulous way to pay tribute to your senior. This is part of our ad sales so the photo and message is $25. Please send payment with the photo and message. Messages should be about 40 words or less. We reserve the right to edit for content and length. Please email senior parent messages to, drop them off in the office, or send them to Mrs. Rosemeyer at the high school. Please include a self-addressed envelope for the return of the photo.


You should have received an order form with registration or you can order at The cost is $45. Additional order forms are available in

the office.

We are looking forward to creating the best yearbook yet. If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail at

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MS/HS Fall Concert Information

The Iowa-Grant Music Department is excited to announce that our October Concert is still on! On October 27th, we will be offering a modified outdoor concert featuring our High School Choir and Middle School Choir. The concert has been moved to 6:00pm so we can squeeze out a few extra minutes of daylight. Our in-person audience will be limited to 2 seats per student. We will also be live streaming and recording our concert for a virtual audience to enjoy. Please keep an eye out on our district Facebook page for more information as the date approaches!

Ag Department Chicken Coop Update

The Iowa-Grant FFA Chapter and Ag Department have just passed the halfway point to $7,000 needed for the addition of a 12' x 12' chicken coop near the greenhouse.

Special thank you to our current donors:

Sloan Implement Company, LLC
Liddicoat Trucking
Premier Co-op
Ivey Construction
Community First Bank
Allegiant Oil, LLC
Badger Welding Supplies Inc.
Ross Soil Service
Victoria Fritsch
Livingston Co-op Oil Company
Iowa County Farm Bureau
Montfort Veterinary Service, Inc.
Clare Bank
Pilling Electric Service, LLC
Biddick, Inc.
Trailside Powersports, LLC
Aspen Ridge Home and Garden, LLC
Dave and Carol Rundell
Michael and Erika Kelley
John and Jean Slack
In memory of Dr. Jack Jinkins
Royal Bank


The Iowa-Grant Agricultural Department is excited to announce the addition of a 12’x12’ Chicken Coop that will provide indoor and outdoor exposure for one dozen chickens. The coop will be located near the greenhouse and ag shop. The agricultural department is seeking donations for a total of $7,000 to get the coop built and running. The coop itself will cost about $6,000 plus an additional $750 for the cement. The remaining $250 will be used to help pay for the start-up costs of feed, bedding, waterers, feeders, electricity, and general supplies. Any extra donations will be put into a Chicken Coop Fund that will only be used for the Chicken Coop Project to pay for future expenses.

As the Agricultural Instructor at Iowa-Grant High School, I believe that Agricultural Education thrives bests with hands-on learning and providing experiences that get students directly involved in agriculture. With the addition of a chicken coop, I would be able to provide students with many opportunities to develop skills needed for post-graduation. Students will develop skills such as time management, hard work ethic, problem-solving, decision making, communication, empathy for animals, and general agricultural knowledge. Students will be provided hands-on experience to learn about animal welfare and husbandry, breeding and reproduction, animal nutrition, the anatomy of chick development and laying hens, and keeping records of income and expenses.

The chicken coop will also provide opportunities for students who do not live on a farm to exhibit chickens at the fair, provide Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) Projects, supply chickens for students who want to start their own coop at home, and provide eggs for community members and for educational purposes.

If you would be willing to contribute to the Ag Dept. Chicken Coop Project, please write checks out to “Iowa-Grant FFA” and send to 462 County Rd IG; Livingston, WI 53554; ATTN: Lara Hammerly. All donors will be recognized on a sign that will be displayed permanently on the chicken coop. We would like to receive all donations by August 21, 2020, to ensure that the project is rolling for the 2020-2021 School Year.

Donor Levels

Bronze Level: $1 - $200

Silver Level: $201 - $400

Gold Level: $401 - $600

Platinum Level: $601 - $800

Diamond Level: $801 +

Thank you for your continued support of the Iowa-Grant Ag Department and FFA Chapter.


Lara Hammerly

Agriculture Education Instructor/FFA Advisor

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Iowa-Grant FFA Clothing

The Iowa-Grant FFA Clothing order is NOW LIVE!!! Please follow this link to order:

Iowa-Grant Elementary/Middle School

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Panther Packs - Donations

We are often asked, "What do you need?" or "How can we help?" We have created a list for the Panther Packs Program. Currently, our shelves are bare. We will begin sending packs home on October 2nd.

Donations may be dropped off at IGEMS or ordered/mailed directly to IGEMS. We received several surprises from Amazon last year! Your donations were SO APPRECIATED!

Shipping Address:

Iowa-Grant Elem/Middle School

% Panther Packs

498 County Road IG

Livingston, WI 53554

Items Needed: Individually Packaged, Kid-Friendly Foods

Kraft Mac-n-Cheese Bowls - 4 pk

Chef Boyardee - Beef Ravioli Cups

Chef Boyardee - Cheese Ravioli Cups

Chef Boyardee - Spaghetti & Meatballs Cups

Rice a Roni - Chicken Rice Cups

Rice a Roni - Cheddar & Broccoli Cups

Rice a Roni - Creamy Four Cheese Cups

Pasta Roni - Butter & Garlic Cups

Fruit Cups & Applesauce Cups

Pudding Cups

Individual Packages of Cookies or Crackers

Individual Cereal Bowls or Boxes

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2nd Graders Celebrate National Dot Day!

DOT DAY 2nd graders are celebrating National Dot Day! They heard the inspiring story called, The Dot. The message shares the importance of creativity, courage and collaboration. It is a day to think about ways in which we can use our special talents to make the world a better place.


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IMC Updates

In September’s newsletter I stated my goal for this year in the library was to focus on what I feel is most important in my position: creating positive relationships with the students and putting books they want to read in their hands. We’ve got success thus far! The students are enjoying our shared read-aloud time in the library and they view themselves as readers. It’s great to see kids excited about books!

In the event we should not have access to our school libraries for a period of time, students in 2nd grade and up are now logged into SORA (our online library app) where they are able to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks on their iPads. They are also able to “place a hold” on a library book in our school library by logging into our library’s online catalog, Destiny Discover. This feature is useful for students at school who would like to be “next in line” for a book, which is checked out by another student. It’s also useful for students who are not at school who would like to read a library book at home. A “hold” can be placed on a book which is currently “IN” as well as those that are “OUT.” We notify a student by email to let him or her know when the book is ready to be picked up at his/her family’s earliest convenience. Students can also see how many books they currently have checked out and when the books are due back in the library through Destiny Discover. Note: in our school libraries we are quarantining our books for one week prior to checking them in and making them available for other students, so it’s possible a book may have been returned to the library but still appear in Destiny as “checked out” to a student until the quarantine time has expired.

Video tutorials of how to log in to SORA (ebook library) and how to log in and use the features in Destiny (print library) have been shared with both our in-person and virtual students. Access to the IGEMS and IGHS library catalog can be found at; it is also linked on our district’s website and school iPads.

Mrs. Simon (at the high school), Mrs. Lee, and I will also accept book check-out requests by email from students who are unable to visit one of our school libraries in person. Please reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Happy reading!

Mrs. Bast

1st Grade Christmas Store

It is with great regret to inform everyone that the First Grade Christmas Store will not open this year. It is our wish that people will hold onto their treasures and send them into the school next year. We already have quite a bit in storage. It would be difficult to take on more donations at this time without opening the store. We want everyone to know how much we have truly appreciated all the help and donations over the years. Although we are genuinely saddened by the closure of the store for this year, we are already looking forward to next year! At this time our main concern is to keep everyone safe and healthy. With the uncertain times there is one thing we know~ IGEMS is a great place to be!

About Iowa-Grant School District

Our Mission is to work in partnership with the community to empower all student to reach their full potential as responsible individuals who strive for life-long learning to successfully compete in an ever-changing global society.