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January 23, 2014

Cell Wall Breaks: Cytoplasm Gushes Into the Town of Cellville

New Judge to Take on Murder Trial

The Cellville County couthouse is located in the town of Eukaryote. Judge Dooley has officially retired from his lifelong career as a judge here in Cellville County. Because of his sudden retirement, the murder trial of Sharon Tate, State V. Charles Manson, will be left to new authority. The new judge taking Dooley's place is a young man named Eugine Nucleolus.

E.R. Expansion on Pause

Plans to continue the Reticulum Regional Hospital E.R. expansion will come to a halt due to the breaking of the levee. Flooding was not an issue around the hospital, but becaue of the attention that the flood clean-up requires, the expansion will be put on a temporary hiatus until further notice.

Gone Postal: Post Office Hold-Up

New Rib Shack Coming in 2015

Cell Newspaper Project

Claire Graham & Blake Hann
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The function of the lysosomes is to hold enzymes created by the cell. These are found in eukaryotic cells.
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The Mitochondria

The mitochondria is known as the "powerhouse of the cell". It often acts as the digestive system for a eukaryotic cell.

ASK ABBY (cytoskeleton)

Dear Abby,

I am considering back surgery. If I go through with the surgery, then my back will have better support and shape. Thoughts?


Dear Bent-Out-Of-Shape,

I think that is a wonderful idea! Back surgery does wonders for people of all ages. Much like the spine of your back, the cytoskeleton gives the cell its shape and support. Good luck with surgery!


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