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What Is Cloning

Cloning is the act of making a genetic copy of an organism. Cloning is done by taking a single cell that is to be cloned take a cell of another animal of the same species modify it and join the two cells together which should start dividing and an embryo will result which then will be put into the womb of a female and the birth process will carry on as natural.

The Tools

The tools use to modify cells and DNA are very delicate and can easily be wrecked if contaminated by foreign particles. Some equipment is almost microscopic to handle cellular organisms. Scientists have to be very careful to not damage the DNA that is why you have to be a very careful person to work with genes.

What Animals Have Been Cloned

The first animal to be successfully cloned in a lab was a sheep named Dolly who died six years after because cloned animals aren't as healthy as their parents. Other animals like pigs, birds, cats, chickens, and bats have been cloned. Animals can be cloned in the wild too. The sea anemone normally lays eggs but another way it can reproduce is by splitting itself in half and the two haves slowly move away from each other and grow their missing haves back.

How Far We Have Come

Just a couple decades ago we cold only imagine copying DNA but know we have made clones that live longer and are healthier. Cloning technology and equipment have improved and we are gaining a better understanding about DNA and genes. if you would like to learn more about cloning or genetics visit the website below.