Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dream Vacation Project by Madi Bounds 1st period

3 facts about Amsterdam

  • Amsterdam is below sea level, with a drastic change in climate, it could sink.
  • 881,000 is the total amount of bikes in Amsterdam in just a year
  • It's apart of the Amsterdam culture to care about family more than jobs and money

To whichever parent that will likely say yes to this,

You know how good I've been all year, yes all 365 days I've been good (believe me, I counted). Anddd you know that summer is just around the corner- Okay I'll just cut to the chase. I want, no need to go to Amsterdam. Everything there is just so intriguing to me, even Europe in general leaves me in aw. Now, you're probably wondering, how does this benefit me? Well I'm glad you asked that.

Amsterdam itself is beautiful, the history, the culture, the environment, pretty much everything there. I've also heard that most people don't drive cars there, so what you hear on the streets are the *ring ring* *ring ring* of bicycles. How adorable is that? Amsterdam also has fields and festivals dedicated to their tulips, they do not play around when it comes to their flowers. You guys know my obsession with flowers, so that would be amazing to go see the tulips in bloom. The city is also very, very, very, romantic. Rowing through the canal at night, with the stars filling up the night sky would be a perfect place to go. You guys can be as lovey-dovey as you want to, *gags*. If you ask me, this seems like a perfect getaway from Texas.

As you expected, here comes the bribing. Please, please, please, please, please take me to Amsterdam. I will do all house chores, wait scratch that, most house chores. I will keep my room spotless, for as long as I can. Maybe even a foot massage?... Too desperate? Well, if this doesn't persuade you, I don't possibly know what will. This is something I've wanted to do for the longest time, it's like a goal to achieve for me. Going here is a story I will be able to tell my kids, maybe grandchildren. Please understand how much I admire this place.

I'm begging,

Your Favorite child

Amsterdam, Netherlands Poem

Let's go to Amsterdam, a place for you and me.

Where the tulips bloom as far as your eyes can see.

Such a beautiful place,

floral fragrances take up the space.

This city was made perfectly for Madison Leigh.

We shall visit the rijkmuseum, with paintings arranged on one wall

such different and unique art, it's made for ages of all.

We stop somewhere to eat.

Pannenkoekenhuis has treats so sweet,

Their pancakes so great, it will make your jaw fall.

Next, let's go to the Beginhof Vondelpark

a spot for picnics, and little dogs that bark.

a little nook to play

how I'd love to stay,

But we must see where Anne Frank left her mark.

When we get into the Anne Frank house,

to respect her, be quiet as a mouse.

So much history,

left in a mystery.

Anne's heart so pure, just like a melody written by Strauss.

How about we just walk around?

Remember all of the amazing places we have found.

just talk for awhile,

or bike half a mile.

maybe just look at the stars,and lay on the ground.

There is one more place we could go,

float through the canal, and let the our guider row.

just sail on by,

admire the gorgeous sky.

Living by the city's motto, just go with the flow.

Sadly, it's time to leave this beautiful city

I don't want to go, such a pity.

We must say goodbye,

how I want to cry.

Amsterdam, you were so pretty.

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Amsterdam at night

Total Price: $2,905.40