how to help the envirment

saving water

why we need to help

we need to help the earth with saving water because, The world's supply of clean, fresh water is limited. We should protect clean water and use it efficiently. But often, we do just the opposite: We waste huge amounts of water, and we make it dirty and unsafe

possible solutions

#1 low flowing sinks

one way that we could reduce water usage is that you could replace normal high flowing sinks for sinks that have low flowing water.

# 2 tolets that use rain water

another way that you could redouce water usage is using tolets that use rain water and also goes along with getting a well that make low flowing water and it is growned water so it is better for the earth

#3 water fountains

using water fountain is a good idea but, when you drink out of a water fountain you don't swallow every thing that comes out of the water fountain. so what you could do is just get a cup or water bottle and fill it with a water fountain instead of just drinking strata from the fountian