Women's Small Group

Saturday 9:00 a.m.

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Nov. 14: Mission Possible Event for Michelle and Jada: No Small Group

Nov. 21: Exodus 30-35

Nov. 28: Exodus 36-40 and Thanksgiving Luncheon

November Serve date TBD: Please visit the following link for options.



Dec. 5: TBD

Dec. 12: TBD

Dec. 19: Christmas Party

Dec. 26: No Small Group

December Serve date TBD

Jan. 2: Stay tuned for Gateway's Church-Wide Devotion Series on The God I Never Knew

Prayer Requests:

Erin: for a new job
Erin: Her friend who is seeking God to change her husband.
Carol: For her husband to find missing check from client
Carol: One of her group members has agreed to go to counseling.
Nicole: Cody's civil exam on Nov. 11th.
Nicole: Friend Andrea and her husband are having a hard time conceiving.
Nicole: For her as she has started the process for volunteering with kids who are aging out of foster care.
Michelle: co-worker is passive aggressive and is making unnecessary comments to me.
Michelle: Holidays are near and I near guidance for whether to attend and how to word it with Jada.


Patricia: Father I want to give you all the glory for answering prayer for new job. To you be all the praise and glory. Thanks.

Carol: Group member agreed to go to counseling.

Carol: Divine intervention in design this week.

Nicole: Trip to Pennsylvania was very successful. Learned a lot and am excited to share with team @ work.

Erin: Job offer from old job!

Erin: That her current job is over Monday and the married men problems are over.

Michelle: My brother gave his life over to the Lord!!! He will be baptized on the 22nd!!!