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Admissions and Campus Visits

Admission requirements of SFA state that Freshmen applicants must submit test results from either the American College Test or the Scholastic Assessment Test, and official high school transcript with diploma type/graduation type and class rank. You need to complete the recommended or advanced high school program, or complete a curriculum that is equal in content to the recommended or advanced program. Another option is to pass the College Readiness Benchmark on the SAT and ACT assessment. On the SAT you need to score 1500 out of 2400 and on the ACT score an 18 English, 21 Reading, 22 Mathematics and 24 Science. If a freshman applicant has attempted a college-level course in high school they must have earned a 2.0 GPA on all college course work.The fee for application is $45 for regular admission and $50 for international admission. A special requirement I found for admission is that incoming freshman are required to get a Meningitis shot at least 10 days prior to enrollment. To contact the admissions office you can call them at (936)468-2504 | fax: (936)468-3849, or email them at

There seems to be no cost for a campus visit at SFA and the requirements are just to call them up and set up a date and time. Campus tours are the only options available at SFA, and the tours are weekdays only, closed for holidays, and some Saturdays are open to j-walkers. They also offer students an opportunity called "Showcase Saturday" which is an open house where you will get the chance to speak with SFA representatives, participate in an campus tour, and many more opportunities to learn more about life at SFA. to set up the visit you need to contact the admissions office at the email and phone number provided above.

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Academic Cost, Scholarships, and Financial Aid.

The annual cost for one year of tuition (based on 15 credit hours per semester) is $4,386. The annual cost for one year of fees (based on 15 credit hours per semester) are $9,876.00, $4,761.00, $4,736.00, and $5,186.00 depending on your degree. You can contact the scholarship office by calling at (936)468-2304, or writing them at Box 13039 SFA Station

Nacogdoches, TX 75962.

One scholarship I was looking at was The University Scholars Awards. The deadline to submit for this scholarship is February 1st. The SFA Scholarship application can be accessed online through your mySFA account by selecting myServices, then selecting Apply for Scholarships. The eligible requirements are a high school senior with clear admission to SFA, and either a minimum SAT reasoning score of 1220 (not including writing) or an ACT composite score of 27 (not including writing) as submitted to SFA Admissions, and a completed online scholarship application through mySFA. ­ You have to submit up to three letters of recommendation from teachers or professors by submitting their name and email address which will allow them to click a link to complete the process; and complete the 300-­600 word essay that “Assesses the importance of a college education”.

Forms required to apply for financial aid are the FAFSA and TASFA. The type of aid available are grants, loans, work-study, enrollment requirements, and the Aggregate Loan Limits. Some additional requirements are that students may be required to submit additional documentation even though they have not been selected for Verification. These documents may relate to citizenship status, veteran status, and/or orphan status. If requested, please submit the additional documentation immediately to the department because your aid can be delayed.

Employment and Housing costs

At SFA you can go in anytime to apply for an on campus job. The range of jobs available to students are endless, from tutors to tour guides. You can contact the Department of Human Resources at Phone: 936.468.2304 - Fax: 936.468.1104 - - Box 13039 SFA Station, Nacogdoches, TX 75962 or for students wanting to go straight to the office Room 201, Austin Building.

You will be eligible for housing on campus after you have been admitted to SFA, have completed the residence hall application and contract, submitted your $100 residence hall deposit, and You have submitted your meningitis shot records to the Admissions Department (fax 936-468-3149).

Mission Statement

"Stephen F. Austin State University is a comprehensive institution dedicated to excellence in teaching, research, scholarship, creative work, and service. Through the personal attention of our faculty and staff, we engage our students in a learner-centered environment and offer opportunities to prepare for the challenges of living in the global community."