December 8th Week at a Glance (WAG)


UFA meetings

12/9 2nd at 3:00 3rd at 4:00

12/10 kinder After PD 4:00 k/1 4:00 in B6

12/11 4th at 3:00

12-15 1st at 3:00 5th at 4:00

Faculty meeting on December 8th will be to prep for your grade level UFA. Maryam will give you more information on how to update the powerpoint.

week of december 15th minimum days for conferences

Please make a schedule for your report card conferences. This should be a follow up to the UFA for students who are focal students or are struggling. Please share the AR and DRA results with parents. Also please stress how parents can help at home by allowing students to use myOn and Ar to read every night. Monday and Tuesday are minimum days for conferences. You can also use Wednesday id you wish.




Vision and hearing test

Beleche 9:00

de la Fuente 9:30

Donehew 10:00

Monterrosa 10:30

Herrejon 11:00

Syrowski 11:30

Isabel 12:00

Montoya 12:30

please let Edson know if you need to switch times. He gave me a schedule that interfered with some recess time so I tried to fix it. If the schedule still doesn't work please communicate that with Edson.

faculty meeting: prep for UFA


grade level meetings

UFA meetings: 2nd at 3:00 3rd at 4:00


PD: school wide data analysis

Montoya observation 9:00

UFA meetings: Kinder at 4:00 k/1 at 4:00 in B6


grade level meeting 1st grade

Stonehurst wellness meeting 3:30 -4:30 please come and support wellness at our school

UFA meetings: 4th at 3:00


Lock down drill practice 9:00

Raiders Camp

Movie night 3:00


referral process

Rose will no longer be in charge of referrals and cost. We will however continue to email the teacher when a a student has been referred to the team and what the outcomes are. When referring students please put the referral form in Mrs. Vaca's box. We also will continue to communicate SST meetings through gmail invitations.

Holiday Parties (need to be healthy)

Our school committee and Stonehurst wellness committee have agreed that we really need to implement what we have agreed upon as far as healthy eating. This year we are asking that even at holiday parties we choose healthy alternatives. This means that the teacher will be responsible to ask parents to share only healthy items. I know most teachers send home letters in regards to parties so it needs to be clear what the expectation is. Healthy alternatives is the expectation. Some ideas for dessert might be fruit salad with yogurt or plain fruit. I have also communicated this in the Esperanza newsletter.

Below you will find the Esperanza committee agreements on healthy snacks.

snack policy

Our school follows the OUSD guidelines that state : snacks shall promote good health. Keeping this in mind healthy snack will include beverages that are 8 oz or less that are 100% natural juice or milk. However, water is the first choice beverage for our students. In addition no fizzy drinks, sports drinks, punches or soda are permitted.

Following the same guidelines of promoting good health. Food snacks should be low sugar and high protein. Examples include fruit, vegetables, nuts, granola, cheese sticks. A healthy snack would NOT look like crackers, cookies, muffins, candy, bagels, pan dulce, jello,

Classroom Celebrations must occur after the lunch period as stated by OUSD wellness policy and also adhere to the above healthy food policy. Heretofore, no cupcakes, birthday cakes, tres leches, cookies or others sugary substances shall be invited into the classroom.

Esperanza and KDA holiday lunch

On December, 17th at 2:00 we will have a catered lunch for the Stonehurst staff. We will also have a white elephant gift exchange of a gift from $15 to $20. Let me know if you want to participate as I would like to know if there are enough of us to make it work.

Data analysis conferences

I am trying to get two subs for this Thursday and Friday to give grade levels half data data analysis and planning time. I have called a few subs and will let your grade level know no later than Tuesday if we can move forward.

copy machines

As yo all know our school budget is very tight this year. We rent our copy machines and basically do not have enough to pay the bill. We have been charged for overages in copy making and it has carried over to this year. The good news is the owners of the company will allow us to keep both machines, however we must cut down on the number of copies we make. Please begin to try and limit yourself and or grade level. One idea would be to use the Elmo to project and have students complete the work in journals.


A tk class will be coming to Esperanza next year. All OUSD elementary sites will be adding a tk class. This is a great addition to our program as we will be able to provide dual language instruction.

Ferguson and more

If you are wondering how to address student questions or concerns about Ferguson, protest, and other recent events here is a link to give you some ideas.

Field trips

If your grade level is planning on taking a field trip you must turn in a request 30 days in advance. If the form is not turned in your field trip will be canceled. You also need to turn in a bag lunch request 30 days in advance or lunch will not be provided. The field trip form is on the intranet. Every teacher can access the intranet and you can search field trip forms.