Jackson's Bucket list

Ms Ahmed's class

#1 - Go to a new planet - Space

I would like to go to a new planet one day. I would like to study the types of erosion there. I would take whoever I am partnered with on the mission.

The types of erosion i could see could be chemical erosion because of the chemicals on the foreign planet.

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#2- Hike up Mt. Everest

I would travel to Mt. Everest during the summer. I would take my brother with me so he can give me company.

The erosion on Mt. Everest is caused by wind, which is physical erosion.

Climbing MT Everest with a Mountain on My Back The Sherpa's Story BBC full documentary 2013 nepal

#3 - Go to the Galveston coast again - Galveston, Texas

I want to go to Galveston again when I am older, so that I am not restrained by my age. I would take my family there because they probably want to go there too.

The erosion on the beach is physical and is broken down by water.

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#4 - Go to Germany - Germany

I would like to go to Germany because I want to try some of the foreign foods. I would take my best friend with me because my brother would be boring.

Some erosion happens when it rains on the cities, which is physical erosion.

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#5 - Climb a hoodoo - Arizona

I would like to climb a hoodoo because the view at the top is amazing. I would take my best friend with me because we both like climbing stuff.

The type of erosion is physical is wind that erode the weak rock at the bottom.

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