GMF food labels

Should the government have to include them or not?

Genetically Modified Food (GMF)

GMF'S are genetically modified foods. This means that scientists have changed the DNA.
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Benefits of GMF

Some benefits of GMF is it can decrease world hunger, crops grow better, it has been used for hundreds of years, it helps malnutrition and it can help medicine.

Cons of GMF

Although GMF is helpful it also has many cons which could be fatal. Some of these cons may include allergic reactions, decreased antibiotic efficiency and gene transfer.
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My personal opinion

In my own opinion I think that the government should include the label. I say this because if the government doesn't then it could lead to death. Say a person eats a tomato and that tomato has the gene from an artic fish. If that person is allergic to fish they could possibly have an allergic reaction and possibly die.
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