you are what you eat

things to being healthy

the four parts of health

1.My diet is effected by my emotional health because when I feel upset I do not want to go hang out with friends, which is social health. My mental health is when I am feeling sad and feel sick in the head. My physical health is when I am running on my treadmill.

Budget Eating

2.Healthy eating can be achieved on a budget by using flyers on the store that you are going to and see how much each thing will cost and see it is 20 dollars or less

Homemade Healthy Recipe

Our healthy recipe is a fruit smoothie. Our ingredients are milk, bananas, orange juice, ice and raspberries. First you put all the ingredients in a blender. Then you blend it on medium and watch until it is smooth. Finally you pour it in a glass and put a straw in it and drink it.