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Kepler 22b's radius is 2.4 times Earth's radius and its mass is between 6 and 14 times Earth's mass. Kepler 22b is 79 million miles away from its host star and its years length is only 290 days! which means you would be older than you are now, if you were 14, you would be 17! Kepler 22b's gravitational acceleration is 17.01 m/s squared which is a lot more than Earth's so you would weigh more. If you weighed 125 pounds or 56.69 kg on Earth, you would weigh 964.29 kg! Lastly, the distance between Kepler 22b and Earth is 620 lightyears away!

earth 2.0??

The weather on Kepler 22b, or Endor, is perfect at 72 degrees fahrenheit! The planet revolves around a host star, much like how Earth revolves around the sun except this star is about 25% less brighter. Endor is also covered in liquid water. This means that Endor could have continents and oceans like Earth! Also, where there is water, there could also be life.

How to make Endor more habitable

A problem with living on Endor could be that its covered in water. However, a solution to that would be to stay in a boat or a house that could float on the water. Another problem would be endor could get hot, and to fix this problem we could make sure that the house we stay in has air conditioning. One more problem is that Endor gets too much energy from its host star. A solution to this would be to set up solar panels and use that energy.

Traveling problems

Kepler 22b is 620 lightyears away so we would need a really fast rocket to get there that could hold a lot of people and supplies. Since Endor is covered with water, your rocket would have to be able to float or able to land on water. No one has been on Endor before so there aren't any necessities that you need in order to live. A solution to this would be to travel in a rocket big enough to carry the supplies you need.

Kepler 22b

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