Stella & Dot Dream Team >> January Celebration

YOU started out 2016 like a rocket ship!!!!!! The toughest retail sales month of the year and team volume was up 129%!!!! SAY WHAT?! That's incredible and mind blowing!!! We had several #sunnies earners and some fabulous Heart of Leadership distinctions (Joya, Nora & Erin) on this team. Gang, we're un-stoppable! This crew of brand ambassadors, hobby-ists, part-timers and career girls is on fire! You've set the tone for a BLOW IT UP year, and I'm here to help and support you every step of the way. What can you do TODAY to engage your style business? Take a simple action to share the gorgeous look book link with 10 and share that #SDJOY!! Share, share, share away!!! And post those beautiful selfies via social media!!!! XOXOXOXOX


Erin Reckner

Director and Personal Stylist for Stella & Dot


Congratulations to all active stylists in January! We celebrate every pair of studs sold. It's all about the mission baby! WAY TO GO!!

QUALIFIED // Jenese Guppy, Alysha Ricketts, Leah Blazek, Tiffani Stirnemann

ACTIVE SELLERS // Tara Tripp, Heather Funk, Whitney Callison, Marisol Salcedo, Shannon Howski, Dana Zaratsian, Linda Suponcic, Megan Johnston, Reneé Page, Beth Campbell, Dayrnice Chavis, Amy Liu, Jackie Alspaugh, Rachel Albrigo, Nikki Dunbar, Kristin Post, Becca Mount, Kristi Chmielewski, Emily Figueroa, Karen Easton, Jennifer Resnick, Liana Purnama

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Niccole Vereen

Nora Cecil

Joya Cummings

Stephanie Carr

Erin Reckner

Lindsey Howard

Caitlin Nystrom

Lori Bunch

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Can you FEEL THE PURE JOY on Cindy's face in the pic above!!! RockSTARS swept the awards last year!!!!!!! Use the cvent link below to register today!! The ROYALS TEAM will be #onfleek in Florida this July!!! Parties, swag, fashion, inspiration; the list goes on!! Royals leaders will dish out some MAJOR celebration and special gifts. This is by far is my favorite event of the year! It's something I do for ME! An investment in my DREAMS! Join us and Find Your Extraordinary!!! Scoop up the extra $50 in product credits when you make a partial registration payment this week. XO

>>>> I SEE YOU <<<< Top FB Posts from the Royals!

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