"Leading in Critical Times"

Insights into Leading in Critical Times

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"2 Stragetic Leadership Insights"

I meet many a great Christians, who love God, who serve God, who give to the gospel. Who have great and wonderful visions from the Lord, who have a zeal, passion, and are very knowledgeable. However, for some reason, they are unable to breakthrough. My burden for these people have just gotten to a tipping point today. The Holy Spirit rushed mightily upon me yesterday night. I wanted to quickly write it all down, before I lost it. Felt obligated and responsible before the Lord to share it with you. Pray that these insights into Leadership in Critical Times, serves to bring that anointing for leadership in your life in any and all capacities.

Christians alike, are big on faith. However, little faith, just doesn’t get the job done. For example in various texts all throughout the Bible you will notice that the Lord would rebuke his disciples by saying, that they had “little faith”. (Mat.8:6,Mat.6:30) Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Not only does it come by hearing, but it also comes by doing. With little doing, you yield little results. God is a results oriented God. (Mat.25:12-40) Sometimes a critical time is when we are in seasons of transition and or promotion. But we need to be consistent and persevere till the end, until results manifest.

Here’s two insightful secrets that the Lord was revealing to me, that will beneficial for your business, home, or organization.

1. Write it down! (Hab.2) Habakkuk the prophet said, to write the vision. There is a spiritual door that it opened when you write things down. Researchers found the number one common trait of Harvard alum were the usage of post it notes! Just goes to prove the Word of God.

2. There needs to corresponding actions to your confessions. You can make confessions and declarations all day and night till your blue in the face. Yes, there are spiritual blessings to that, however, when your words are inconsistent with your behaviors, it leads to inertia. Back up your prayer and confessions with the appropriate actions. If you haven’t read Steven Covey’s book the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” I encourage you to do so. But take a look at the Hebrew people, which the Bible says serves as an example; When they were in the wilderness, they had a number of habits that they did, but when they got to the promised land, they had to learn new things.

Pray that these Insights into Leading in critical times, helps you in some way or the other.

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