Lexington Creek Staff Newsletter

September 26th - 10th Edition


Time is going by soo quickly. Next week will be the first week in October. During the month of October, we will focus on Bully Prevention. While bullying on the surface may not seem like a huge problem, if it is allowed to continue, it can have far-reaching effects on the bully, the victim, and the school community as a whole. Therefore, we need to continue to work together as a school community to create a positive atmo­sphere so that bullying will not become a method of destruction.

By definition, bullying is “when a person intentionally inflicts injury or discomfort upon another person through physical contact, through words, or in other ways.” This behavior is dependent upon there being a power differential and can be the result of a number of differ­ent circumstances. Most bullies have average self-esteem but may have poor coping skills. Bullying is not normally done in large groups, but rather involves a small group of two to three students, often with one negative leader. Victims of bullies are usually overly sensitive, in-secure, and physically weaker. They have fewer friends and may be clumsy.

The most disturbing thing about bullying behavior is the long-term ef­fects. Students who are bullies by age 8 are three times more likely to be convicted of a crime by age 30. They are less likely to attend col­lege or to acquire a good job. By the age of 23, 35–40% of male bul­lies had three or more convictions. On the other side, students who are bullied are found to be more depressed and to have lower self-esteem. They are also more likely to commit suicide if they re­ceive no outside help. Victims of bullies are also likely to build up re­sentment toward others that may result in violent retaliation later. One of the key findings by the Secret Service Report investigating the various school shootings is that many of the attackers in those in­cidents felt bullied, persecuted, or injured by others prior to the attack. Given these findings, it is crucial that schools develop a plan to combat bullying behavior so that all students can feel safe and se-cure in their learning environment. Bullying prevention is one of the key elements to reducing the risk of school violence (Olweus, 1993).

Below you will find a few quick tips on how you as teachers and school personnel can be an agent in bullying prevention:

· Provide supervision of students, especially during unstructured time (e.g., in hallways, the cafeteria, restrooms), when much of the bullying occurs.

· Intervene when you have a suspicion that bullying is occurring.

· Be cognizant of students who are often left alone during breaks, lunch, and so on.

· Demonstrate a consistent attitude of non-acceptance of bullying behavior.

· Communicate with all school personnel regarding observed inci­dents of bullying so that all can be aware of the issue.

· Hold class meetings with your students, if necessary, to discuss bullying issues.

· Recognize positive acts as often as possible (positive discipline referrals).

· When imposing consequences for bullying, separate the act from the individual.

· Encourage all students to become involved in the prevention of bullying. (Olweus, 1993)

The above tips are just some suggestions of ways teachers and other school personnel can assist in implementing a safe and secure envi­ronment for students. We all know that students must feel safe before they can learn; these tips can assist in that endeavor.

Ms. Araujo, our counselor is valuable resource and she can provide guidance lessons on bullying prevention for all grade lev­els. We hope that by presenting this information and opening a dia­logue with our students, we will be able to create a school community where bullying will no longer exist.

Thanks for all that you do for our children every day to keep them safe.

Have a wonderful week!

Christina Hopkins

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What's Happening This Week:

Week of September 26th

Monday, September 26th - Day 24

Football Team Shirt/Jeans

Fall Fundraiser - Yankee Candle Sales Continues

Student Council Officer Speeches 3rd, 4th & 5th Grades 8:30am

Eduphoria Training 11:30am - 12:30pm Computer Lab- Selected Personnel

Schoolwires (Website) Training 3:30 - 4:00pm

Tuesday, September 27th - Day 25

Send Tuesday Folders Home

ARD Meetings Scheduled

Wednesday, September 28th - Day 26

Foundation Training- Select Personnel (Ms. Brown Off Campus)

CBLT Meeting 3:50 - 4:50pm

Thursday, September 29th - Day 27

Foundations Tranining- Selected Personnel

Principal's Meeting- Ms. Hopkins off campus

Friday, September 30th - Day 28


Spirit Shirt/Jeans

8:25am-9:15am- Instructional Support Team Meeting - PLC Room

Fun Walk/Fun for Cancer Kids

2017 Benefits Open Enrollment Presentation

Goal Setting and Annual Required Training Due

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LCE Attendance Report

FBISD District Goal = 98% for the school year. Last year our attendance rate was 97.70%.

Week of September 19-23, 2016

Attendance = 98.45%

Tardies = 44

Early Pick Ups = 45

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Teach Like A Champion - 100 Percent Rule

I know all of you are familiar with some of the Teach Like A Champion Techniques. I want to review some of the strategies you focused on as a campus over the years. We have some new staff members who may not be familiar with these strategies.
Teach Like A Champion 100 Percent Rule
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T-TESS Information

Last week we provided you a copy of the FBISD T-TESS Walkthrough Form. Please take some time to review Dimensions 2.1- 3.3 in your T-TESS Rubric. This will hopefully provide more details about the walk throughs and observations. We will be finishing our goal setting meetings this week and also start our walk throughs this week. You will receive feedback from the walk through.

Walk Through Focus:

Dimension 2


  • Achieving Expectations
  • Content Knowledge and Expertise
  • Communication
  • Differentiation
  • Monitor and Adjust

Dimension 3

Learning Environment

  • Classroom Environment, Routines and Procedures
  • Managing Student Behavior
  • Classroom Culture

*Click on the link below to view the rubric from Teach for Texas

To Do List

1. Make taking attendance daily at 10:00am priority.

2. Update your Schoolwires website calendar and weekly newsletters.

3.Epi Pen Check Off: Please stop by when convenient for you to be checked off on the actual administration of the epi pen this is required with your annual test.

4. Pay Hospitality and PTO Dues - due on September 30th.

5. Complete the required training videos due on September 30th. See details below.

6. T-TESS Goal Setting due in Eduphoria by Friday 3:45pm

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Kudos To:

1. Special Ed. Team- Great presenstation last week.

2. Ms. Sanders, Ms. Charles and Ms. Ghofraniha for allowing Ms. Brown and I to visit your classrooms and practice our T-TESS walkthroughs last week.

3. Ms. Brooks for locating our Brother Scanners!!

4. I have a new respect for our staff members who have outside duty. Thanks for watching our students and making sure they are safe.

5. Thanks to Ms. Burrows for setting up and taking care of the computer lab.

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Congratulations LCE Student Council Officers!!

Student Council Officers 2016-2017

President: Emma Joseph

Vice President: Ella Jones

Secretary: Lillian Liao

Historian: Megan Gulihur

Student Council Sponsor: Dale Araujo

*Special Thanks to Ms. Araujo to organizing the voting process for the students.

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Nurse's Corner - Jessica Morehead

Nurse’s Corner:

Epi Pen Check Off: Please stop by for you to be checked off on the actual administration of the epi pen this is required and due September 30th with your annual test.

DEA Drug Take Back Event will be hosted on Saturday, October 22, 2016, from 10-2 in the Mercer Stadium parking lot which is located at 16403 Lexington Blvd. Sugar Land, TX 77479 to turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal.

Flu Staff: Unfortunately, due to legal this is CANCELLED for the staff. The student’s flu is still scheduled and will not be cancelled. I will work on scheduling our own for the staff with another provider!

Flu Student: Please continue to turn these forms in to us. If a parent contacts you to make changes please be sure to forward email to me to assist us to keep track of changes. This will be on October 26th from 8:20-11:20 schedule to come as get more of count.

Think Pink Thursday: See below for Thursdays with jeans in October!!

If you have any questions, ideas or concerns please let me know!

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Think PINK Thursday During October

Think Pink Thursdays

for breast cancer awareness at Lexington Creek

Thursday October 6

Sock it to Breast Cancer!

Wear Pink Socks

Thursday October 13

Hats off to those brave individuals who are fighting Breast Cancer!

Wear A Pink Hat

Thursday October 20



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Parent Teacher Conference- October 14th

Parent Conference will be held from 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm.
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PTO Social and Movie Night - October 27th 6:00pm-9:00pm

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Staff Birthdays- Happy Birthday to...

Month of September:

4th- Betty Dimaline

6th- Georgia Olumoko

9th- Melanie Calvert

14th- TeriAnn Riordan

17th- Katie Alcala

17th Suzanne Stallings

24th- Shartrina Charles

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PTO Membership- Our Goal is 100%

We just need a few more people to join PTO and we will reach our staff goal. Please pay your dues by Friday, September 30, 2016.

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